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Should you take your stroller to Paris when visiting with a toddler? Mais oui!

In this post I not only make the case for parents visiting Paris WITH a stroller! There are also SO MANY tips to help you plan your visit to Paris with a baby or toddler included at the end as well. Don’t miss them! 😀

As your children grow, there is one undeniable advantage when it comes to travel: you will have significantly less gear to beg, borrow, or schlep on your family adventures.

But when it came to kissing goodbye our final trusty travel stroller last year, it was with not just a little tear of sadness in my eye. That stroller (like its predecessors) served us very well on numerous occasions. But perhaps never so obviously as on our most recent visit to Paris.

Are you are lucky enough to be headed to Paris AND your child is still young enough to use the stroller–at least sometimes?

Here are seven reasons you’ll likely be very glad to visit Paris with a stroller.

  1. Skip the entrance line at the Louvre (in high season, that alone could be worth it!).
  2. Skip the line–and the main stairs–at the Arc de Triomphe.
  3. Avoid coat check fees by stuffing your jackets beneath your stroller.
  4. Enjoy a handy place to stuff those souvenirs and take-out goodies for your picnics.
  5. Spend more time on your feet in museums, without the extra weight of your baby or toddler on them!
  6. Let your jet-lagged toddler take a snooze without taking a toll on your back.
  7. Keep your toddler or preschooler safe from toddling out into harm’s way while you gawk (understandably) at amazing architecture and photograph Parisian landmarks.

If you’ll be finding your way around Paris with a stroller, don’t miss these helpful tips:

Will you only need the stroller while visiting Paris? Or want to use a full-featured stroller or pram that you’d rather not take on the airplane? Consider renting a stroller from a Paris baby gear rental agency in our Worldwide Directory of Baby Gear Rentals.

But wait … there’s more below!

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Here are WAY MORE tips for visiting Paris with your little one(s!)

And if you want to make it even easier on yourselves to sight-see in Paris WITH a stroller, consider getting Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tickets, or booking a half-day city guided tour, or full day trip to Euro Disney with transportation included.

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