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Oh, wait - there's a bus! Forget about those stairs to the Metro...
Oh, wait – there’s a bus! Forget about those stairs down to the crowded Metro…

As I mention in the previous post, Tips for taking the Paris metro with a stroller…if you must, getting about town “avec poussette” (with stroller) is much easier by bus. Most often, the entrance to the bus is near-level with the sidewalk, so pushing your stroller right on board is usually a breeze.

Plus, easy bus lines breeze between many of the main tourist sites in Paris, such as the 72 line you can hop aboard by the Hotel de Ville, ride along the Seine, and exit at the Louvre, Touileris, Musee d’Orsay, or Tour Eiffel. Naturally, the views along the way are far more interesting for parents and toddlers than what’s to be found underground as well.

GET ON THE BUS IN PARIS … with your stroller!

Generally, I’ve found Paris bus passengers are very good about surrendering the front seats of the bus to the elderly and those with a baby or toddler in tow, however, trying to board with your folded stroller and child and get seated with your stroller somehow beside you can be problematic, and you’re likely to bump someone near you (most likely the elderly) with the stroller at some point.

Although tickets are validated at the front of the bus, it is much better to board with your baby or toddler in his stroller at the rear doors of the bus, and park your stroller directly in the space allotted there for wheelchairs (be sure to set your stroller brake).

If you can, have your partner take care of any ticket validation on your behalf, or take care of the stamp quickly once your stroller has been secured.


Again, I recommend for most families visiting Paris to purchase the book of 10 metro/bus tickets (carnet dix), which can be used on both metro and bus and can be purchased from agents or vending kiosks in metro stations.

Your ticket is valid for transfers up to 90 minutes from the time of validation, so if you need to make a brief stop at the Tuileries playground before continuing on to other sites, it’s no problem.

Even using public transportation each day, we found the “carnet dix” / book of 10 tickets saved us significantly over the prices of Paris Visite passes offered for transportation. Remember, each ticket in the book of 10 is valid for a one-way journey, and 2 parents can split the carnet for 5 rides each, and so on.

Paris public transportation fares: Metro, RER within the city, and buses are free for children 3 years and younger, and at a discounted rate for children 4 to 9 years. Currently one carnet 10 costs 12 Euros 70 cents for adults, and a children’s carnet 10 can be purchased at a discounted rate.

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