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Two-story carousel at Montmartre in Paris
What’s even better than a really cool old carousel in Paris? A TWO-STORY really cool old carousel in Paris!

Last December, we had a Travels with Baby Traditions guest post from Parisian mom Camille Spanjaard, who revealed her children’s three favorite carousels in Paris. She also shared tips about the many free carousels around the Paris during the month of December (read all about it here). So it was a great pleasure to be back in the city myself, discovering just how many carousels there ARE in Paris–all year!

ticket prices While many of the old beauties enchanted my children, all three were momentarily speechless when we happened upon our first TWO-STORY carousel in Paris, located at the bottom of the steps leading down from Basilica Sacre-Coeur. A good thing, too, as the playground they’d been promised there had been removed in favor of open space for kids riding scooters (alas, we had no scooters).

Update 6/7/2013 – Good news! See reader Collette’s comment below about the newly installed playground!

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