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The Best Lightweight Travel Strollers Compared

Best lightweight travel strollers for baby or toddler

Finding the best lightweight travel stroller for your trip with a baby or toddler can be a tricky business. If you forego features in favor of a lighter load, will you regret it on your vacation?

Important buying tips to consider as you shop for your best lightweight travel stroller:

If your stroller doesn’t recline, will your child nap when you need her to (a deal breaker for many)?

If there’s not enough storage, will you end up juggling extra helpful items–or having to leave them behind?

Will the stroller wheels be rugged enough for cobblestones or other terrain where you will travel?

Will the stroller provide adequate sun protection if you’ll spend hours outdoors–or will it allow for helpful additions to make shade where and when you need it (see stroller accessories here)?

Here are my recommendations for lightweight travel strollers listed in order of weight from the lightest at 9.6 lbs. up to 19 lbs. To add shade coverage, weather or insect protection, comforts, or conveniences to your stroller, see my recommendations in Stroller Accessories.

But first–pin this to your travel board! 😉 And now, the best lightweight strollers for travel … with more tips for flying with babies and toddlers linked below.

Thanks for supporting this independent site when you click through to shop our affiliates! Travel strollers are listed in order of WEIGHT from lightest to heaviest.


GB Pockit Lightweight Travel Strollergb pockit travel stroller

Why Shelly Recommends it:

At a glance: Weighs 9.6 lbs     Folds to 11.8″ x 7″ x 13.8″    MSRP $180

It’s the world’s most compactly folding lightweight travel stroller at 11.8″ x 7″ x 13.8″. If space is your paramount concern in your gb pockit travel stroller foldedupcoming travels, this may be just the answer and I’d encourage you to take a closer look. However, there’s not much more to boast about the GB Pockit than that.

The seat does not recline whatsoever for napping or jet-lagged children and, as you can see, the “sun shade” is almost nonexistent–how many times in your travels will the sun perfectly align with this wee little rectangle to make it of use?

With the exception of height-adjustable handles that may be an added comfort for taller parents, and a wee basket that can support up to 11 lbs. of gear, what you see is what you get. For its price point, you may want to be sure to consider other options that will give you  more features. Suitable for 6 months up to 55 lbs. Weighs 9.6 lbs.   Find the GB Pockit compact travel stroller online:  Amazon


Maclaren Volo Lightweight Travel Stroller

Maclaren volo travel stroller in silver blackWhy Shelly recommends it:

At a glance: Weighs 10.7 lbs   Folds to 13.5″ x 11″ x 41″    MSRP $175

UPDATE 2020: I’m still including the VOLO here, as it has been since I first created this page. However, if you’re considering the Volo, I urge you to look at the newer Globetrotter, which weighs just a tiny bit more but offers multiple seat recline settings–so much better than a “basic umbrella” stroller during travel. 😉 I have more on the Globetrotter below…

Good luck catching the New York subway without seeing one of these. The Maclaren Volo’s quick-and-easy umbrella fold, combined with its ultra lightweight frame, ergonomic foam-grip handles, and built-in shoulder strap quickly made it a favorite among city dwellers–not to mention travelers. Its sturdy aluminum chassis also makes light work of steering, and it truly is responsive to one-handed pushing and steering. With a handle height of 41 inches, it has also proven quite comfortable for parents of all heights.

As mentioned above, the seat does not recline at all, which is why they say it is for children 6 months and older–though the seat is subtly reclined where it is positioned. If you’ll need your child to snooze in your stroller during travel (layovers, hours in museums, etc.), you may find it well worth the upgrade to a model that can recline and may also offer a leg rest.

More features we like: Unlike most lightweight strollers, the Volo is rated up to 55 lbs. and will also accommodate taller children than most models, plus it includes a fitted rain cover (no extra purchase necessary). For more bells and whistles, see the other strollers and Maclaren models below. Folds to 13.5″ x 11″ x 41″. Weighs 10.7 lbs. (Note: You may sometimes see the weight listed as 9.7 lbs., but that is for its “basic weight,” which Maclaren considers the frame + seat and without the hood, shopping basket, carry strap/handle and raincover.)   Find deals on the Maclaren Volo lightweight stroller online at:   Amazon

Quinny Yezz Lightweight Stroller

The Quinny Yezz travel stroller in red

Why Shelly recommends it:

At a glance:  Weighs 11 lbs.   Folds to 9 1/4″ x 27″ x 11″   MSRP $280

It’s a lightweight, compact and cleverly folding stroller to the point that you could hold it over your head with one hand should you want to – if only to stick it in the overhead bin on an airplane.

Or for that matter, the Yezz stroller is likely to fit in the under-seat storage of most airplanes as well making it a great carry-on contender. Rollerblade wheels glide along through airports and light-duty urban terrain, while a sun canopy extends above with short drop-down visor (not shown here) when wanted.

Where to stash that cell phone? A parent pocket on the back heeds the call, while the all-important shoulder carrying strap helps keep your hands free for more important gear (or people).

What’s better than that? It’s easy to swap out seat covers with a spare (purchased separately) when you need a fresh change and can’t do without your trusty stroller during travel. Weighs 11 lbs.   Find deals on the Quinny Yezz lightweight stroller online at:  Amazon


Maclaren Globetrotter Travel Stroller

maclaren globetrotter stroller

Why Shelly recommends it:

At a glance:  Weighs 11.2 lbs.   Folds to 10.6″ x 11.4″ x 40″   MSRP $195

So much better than just a lightweight umbrella stroller for travel! Yet it still only weighs 11.2 lbs. To fully appreciate the Maclaren Globetrotter travel stroller, you might need to view it from the side:

side view of maclaren globetrotter

Not only do you get a multi-recline seat to help your child relax and nap comfortably in museums and during airport layovers (or midnight strolls in the new time zone!), but look at the coverage of the Globetrotter’s oversized sun and rain canopy!

The Globetrotter’s wheels are also much sturdier than many ultra lightweight travel strollers and the ergonomic handles make it easier to maneuver in less-than-ideal urban terrain. Other features parents like include rear-wheel linked brakes, storage pocket on back, a one-hand (pretty much) fold, and a handy shoulder carrying strap–and rain cover.

What it doesn’t include is (gasp!) a drink holder for parents. If that’s important in your travels, take a look at our recommended stroller accessories and/or consider the UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller with similar weight and features below.

The Globetrotter is suitable for children 6 months up to 55 lbs. Open dimensions are 31.5″ x 18.6″ x 40.5″. Folds to 10.6″ x 11.4″ x 40″ and weighs 11.2 lbs.  Find deals on the Maclaren Globetrotter stroller online at:



UPPAbaby G-Lite Lightweight Travel Stroller

Uppa baby Glite travel stroller in redWhy Shelly recommends it:

At a glance:  Weighs 11.2 lbs   Folds to 12.5″L x 10.7″W x 42″H   MSRP $179 – $199

Now with zip recline! Weighing in at just 11.2 lbs., the revamped UPPAbaby G-Lite offers even more features we love. Dig that extra pull-down sunshade extension, and the breathable mesh seat that that helps beat the heat.

I also like the new zippered reclining seat option to ease for vacation napping (more of that, please). Moreover, ALL FOUR of the 4.5″ solid stroller wheels feature shock-absorbing suspension. And there’s a removable (and reversible) cup holder, which comes standard.

Like the Volo, The UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller also has a shoulder carrying strap that’s indispensable for travel. Unlike the Volo, it’s also free-standing when folded and requires no foot action to fold.

I would say this is an all-purpose good travel stroller that many parents will be happy to use at home as well. For children 6 months to 55 lbs. Folds to 12.5″L x 10.7″W x 42″H.   Find deals on the UPPAbaby G-Lite travel stroller online at:  Amazon

The Clutch Lightweight Stroller by Delta Children

clutch compact stroller by Delta Children

Why Shelly Recommends it:

At a glance:  Weighs 11.7 lbs.  Folds to 15”L x 5.9”W x 19.7”H  MSRP $130

If you think it looks a lot like “the world’s most compactly folding lightweight travel stroller” above, you’re right. So how does The Clutch stroller compare with the GB Pockit? Most noticeably, it weighs a little more (about 2 lbs.) and costs a little less (about $30 to $50 less than the basic Pockit).

And though it boasts the ability to fold in 2 seconds to the size of a grocery bag (15”L x 5.9”W x 19.7”H ), the Clutch still is not quite the record-breaking compact package of the Pocket. Nevertheless, both can be stored in most airplane overhead storage bins as carry-on.

The Clutch, however, is only rated for children up to 50 lbs. and makes no claims about its storage basket (unlike the 11 lbs. supported by that of the GB Pockit, which supports kids up to 55 lbs.). Again, if a compactly folding, space-saving stroller is your highest concern for your travel stroller, these are both good options.

But if you need your child to nap on the go, be protected from sun / insects / weather in your travels, etc., make sure to consider our other recommendations. For babies 6 months+ who can sit up to children 50 lbs. Unfolded dimensions: 29.5” L x 18.5” W x 39.8.1” H. Find The Clutch stroller online at: Amazon


Summer Infant 3D Lite Travel Stroller

Summer Infant 3D lite travel stroller in silver/grayWhy Shelly recommends it:

At a glance:  Weighs 13 lbs.  Folds to 41″ x 10″ x 9″   MSRP $80

Value and longevity. The Summer Infant 3D Lite (3DLite) stroller is designed for a virtually lay-flat recline that’s hard to find in travel strollers that are this lightweight, and because of that it can be used from birth without the need of an infant car seat (like some travel strollers).

The seat is nicely padded and the sun visor has an additional “flip out” sun visor. Auto-lock folding and an attached shoulder carrying strap simplify travel as well.

Note: I don’t recommend its wheels for travel in cobblestone areas. Wheel durability is generally something where you get what you pay for, and you’re saving money by not paying for it here. However, for light-duty travels by stroller, the Summer Infant 3D Lite may be all you need.

Folds to 41″ x 10″ x 9″. Suitable from birth to 50 lbs. Weighs 13 lbs.   Find deals on the Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller online at:


Maclaren Triumph Stroller

Maclaren Triumph travel stroller in blue

Why Shelly recommends it:

Officially discontinued — but with some great prices on some still around! Longevity. I have used it for my 5-month-old as well as my 5-year-old during a single trip. You can use the Triumph from 3 months through 4 years, though I personally recommend it for babies 6 months and older because the recline is not quite enough to keep infants from “slumping.”

Unlike many lightweight travel and umbrella strollers–the Triumph accommodates the longer legs, taller bodies, and greater weights of older children. The sturdy frame and ergonomic handles also make Maclaren strollers easier to push with older children than many other models.

Enjoy the same quick-and-easy one-handed fold, ergonomic design, and other shoulder carrying strap of the Volo, with the added bonus of a multi-position reclining seat. For 3 (or more) months to 55 lbs. Owing to its narrower canopy, the Maclaren Triumph also folds slightly smaller than the Volo, plus its wheels are a full 5″ diameter and offer a slightly smoother ride. Rain cover included. Folds to 10.5″ x 9.5″ x 42″. Weighs 11.5 lbs.   Find deals on the Maclaren Triumph travel stroller online at:


Diono Traverze Travel Stroller

diono traverze travel stroller

Why Shelly recommends it:

At a glance:   Weighs 12.3 lbs.   Folds to 23.6″ x 16.3″ x 9.3″    MSRP $199 – $299 (see pricing note below)

The Traverze is built for comfort with multiple recline positions including a lay-flat position suitable for newborns (not many travel strollers have that!). Parents love the true one-handed fold, which is creates a self-standing  package compact enough to fit in the overhead bin of most airplanes.

And it comes with its own stroller travel case to keep it neat and tidy, whether you opt to store it in the cabin or check it at the gate.

But what I think is super nifty about the Traverze is the built-in travel handle. Once folded and in its self-standing position, you can extend the one-handed luggage-style handle and roll it one-handed. Here’s how that looks (without the travel case):

diono traverze stroller folded with luggage handle

For such a lightweight stroller, the Diono Traverze also offers decently sized and sturdy wheels, plus a storage basket with instant extension for those times when you need it (hello, souvenirs).

Pricing note: You’ll see a wide range in the pricing for the Traverze, with the primary MSRP at $249. Diono offers four “basic color” options for $50 less than that and a “luxe edition” for $50 more (view Traverze stroller details and pricing on their site here). Note that the “tailored rain cover,” which comes standard in the hide-away pocket of the other models is not included in the value model.

The Diono Traverze measures 40.5″ H x 16.3″ W x 30″D open and folds to 23.6″ x 16.3″ x 9.3″. Suitable from birth (in lay-flat position) to 45 lbs. See deals for the Diono Traverze online at:     and      Amazon



Chicco Piccolo Stroller for Travel

smooth stroller for travel Chicco Piccolo

Why Shelly recommends it:

At a glance:   Weighs 14 lbs.  Folds to 23.5″ x 11.0″ x 18.7″   MSRP $230

Sure it’s got a cute Italian name, but the Piccolo also packs a sturdy frame into a compact-folding package without compromising a comfy recline or ride. How’s that? It’s got all-wheel suspension across its four 5.8″ wheels to absorb rugged city streets and cobblestones better than most lightweight travel strollers.

The canopy is decently sized with UPF 50+ protection, while the multi-position recline works for babies 6 months and older. Parents also rave about smooth one-handed steering vs. other strollers (no doubt owing to the wheels and suspension). It also offers a compact tri-fold to 23.5″ x 11″ x 18.7″ and is free-standing when closed.

Extra parent conveniences include a peek-a-boo mesh window (also good for ventilation in hot weather) and storage basket with easy access from the rear. For children 6 months up to 50 lbs. Measures 31.5″ x 18.7″ x 42.3″ when open. See deals for the Chicco Piccolo stroller at: Amazon


Maclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren Quest travel stroller in navy

Why Shelly recommends it:

It’s the “full meal deal” of travel strollers! Add to the features of the Triumph an extendable leg rest to support little legs (with an infant-safe foot guard/boot and fold-up infant head barrier), a UV-treated peek-a-boo window in the back of the hood, and a storage pocket on the back of the canopy (Volos and Triumphs don’t have windows or pockets), and you’re just starting to get why the Maclaren Quest may be the only stroller you need–for travel and the whole shebang.

The seat has a simple one-handed recline that goes all the way flat for newborns as well as kids who have simply traveled well beyond their time zones. If your child is already past the point of using the leg rest and you can do without the peek-a-boo window, you might prefer to travel with the lighter weight, less expensive Triumph (above).

For newborns up to 55 lbs. and can be used with the Maclaren Carrycot-XLR. Folds to 10″ x 10.5″ x 42″. Weighs 14 lbs.   Find deals on the Maclaren Quest stroller online at:


Maclaren Techno XT Travel Stroller

maclaren techno xt travel stroller

Why Shelly recommends it:

The wheels–and extendable handles to accommodate taller parents. The Maclaren Techno XT is very similar to the Maclaren Quest in all other ways, but the wheels are actually different–bigger and a bit more durable at 6.5″ with rear-wheel suspension helps ensure a smoother ride.

If you have bumpy roads ahead (cobblestones, developing nations, occasional “off-roading,” etc.), this could make a tremendous difference for you. And the extendable, ergonomic handles adjust from 41 to 44 inches, making it ideal for taller parents–or households with staggered parent heights.

Otherwise, it’s got all the other hallmarks of a good travel stroller, including a carrying handle to help get you through those subway turnstiles when necessary (alternatively, the Quest and Triumph travel strollers have shoulder straps).

The Techno XT also features a full recline for snoozing and diaper changes on the go, with a foot barrier and headrest that make it ideal for newborns. As you can see from this side view, the sun hood can extend down to your child’s knees when needed. And you won’t find that on most travel strollers! Though you will find it on the Quest, too (above).

Rain cover included. Suitable from birth to 55 lbs. and can be used with the Maclaren Carrycot-XLR. Folds to 12.5″ x 13″ x 44″. Weighs 14.6 lbs without hood or basket.   Find deals on the Maclaren Techno XT travel stroller online at: 


UPPAbaby G-Luxe Full-Service Travel Stroller

Uppa baby g-luxe 2018 gray

Why Shelly recommends it:

I’m a fan of all these things: The UPPAbaby G-Luxe has a near-full recline, adjustable leg rest, basket that takes up to 10 lbs, and ergonomic foam-grip handles with a height of 43″.

The G-Luxe has a sturdy but light aluminum frame and is self-standing when folded. It also features curb-ready 5.5″ wheels, and essential-for-travel shoulder carrying strap.

What’s more, the G-luxe offers a deep “pop out” canopy extension for shade (you can see it retracted up under the canopy here). And yes, there’s a removable (and reversible) cup holder to keep toddler hydration in ready reach.

What I’m not a fan of is the increase in weight this model has seen over time–about 5 lbs. since it first came to market. Nevertheless, it does pack a lot of features for the package.

Use it from 3 months up to 55 lbs. (compare with the Maclaren Triumph). Folds to 19.2”L x 12W x 41.7”H. Weighs 16 lbs.   Find deals on the UPPAbaby G-Luxe travel stroller online at:   and   BabyWise


Quinny Zapp Xtra Compact Folding Travel Stroller

Quinny Zapp Xtra lightweight travel stroller in red

Why Shelly recommends it:

The Quinny Zapp Xtra is car seat compatible with the Maxi-Cosi AP infant car seat and has many more features to love, including a reversible forward-facing or rear-facing seat for the child, with three reclining positions facing forward or two facing the parent. And for all of its bells and whistles, it’s one of the most compactly folding stroller we know of.

With the seat on, it folds to 37.4″ x 11.4″ x 16.5″, and without the seat? It packs down to only 8.6″ x 9.8″ x 25.6″ so you can pack it in your suitcase and still have room for your clothes (or pack it in its own travel case sold separately). Better yet, think of all the room it could save you in your cruise ship cabin, sleeper car–or rental car for that matter–over other travel strollers.

The Quinny Zapp Xtra can be used from birth when used with an adapter for the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP infant car seat. It also has a storage basket and rain cover. Use from 6 months up to 50 lbs. without the car seat, or from birth with Maxi Cosi car seat adaptor. Weighs 19.2 lbs.   Find deals on the Quinny Zapp Xtra online at:    Amazon


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