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Happy, healthy holiday travels—and a few really good reminders

Earlier this week, I appeared on ABC San Francisco’s View from the Bay with some tips on how you can help protect your baby from colds and flu during travel. Here’s the segment for those who are interested! (And a few reminders follow below.)   Reminders 1 & 2: I now have TWO great giveaways…


"Sick Season" Tips for Travel with Babies and Young Children

After spending an hour and a half in the car with my kids yesterday, creeping through neighborhood streets behind a hospital, we finally arrived at a drive-thru flu shot clinic and the elusive H1N1 shots were ours! Well, they were my children’s at least. Talk about service–the nurse even climbed into the back of the…


Rivoli Roundup: Health tips for travel with your baby

In light of the current swine flu outbreak, many of you might be reconsidering vacation plans, or postponing travel with your babies. As you weigh your plans and strategize about health considerations, you might find some of these tips helpful, especially my article just published on Tips to help protect your baby from flu during…

Going farther afield: Food and water safety for small children

Last week, Eric at TravelBlogs.com posed a question that caught my attention. He started an interesting debate between six travel bloggers on whether or not they would haggle over a “tourist price” they were told to pay for food from a street vendor in an “unnamed Asian country” (click here to read the full post)….

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What can you do if your baby or toddler gets sick during travel?

On Friday, I was a guest on ABC San Francisco’s The View From the Bay, where I discussed more ways you can help ensure healthy travels with babies and young children — certainly a topic of concern this season — and what you can do in case they get sick during your trip. Click here…