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Need to Know: Flying Ryanair with a baby or toddler

by Shelly Rivoli
flying Ryanair with a baby
Will you be flying Ryanair with a baby, toddler or young child? Read this first!

Flying Ryanair with a baby, toddler or young child? Some of their rules and fees can be ‘headscratchers’ for families. Here’s a guide to the important information and details for parents and caregivers to help you get ready to fly Ryanair with your young children.

Flying Ryanair with infants less than 2 years old:

Infants and babies less than 24 months flying on laps:

Ryanair charges a flat fare of 25€/25£ each way for a lap-held infant or child less than 2 years old. Lap children can now be booked online.

While lap-held children are not allowed carry-on or checked baggage of their own, parents are permitted to bring a diaper bag with essentials weighing less than 20 kg. into the cabin in addition to their own carry-on baggage.

See baggage rules below for information on what else you may bring along for your infant.

Infants and toddlers up to 24 months flying in paid seats on Ryanair:

Ryanair only allows babies and toddlers to fly in their own seat for all portions of the flight when they are at least 1 year old and are using the CARES flight safety harness (details and full review or CARES here) or a forward-facing car seat.

If your child is between 12 months and 2 years and you would like to use a seat with CARES or a car seat for all phases of your flight, contact Ryanair.

What is an “infant comfort seat” on Ryanair?

It is possible to purchase what they call an “infant comfort seat,” eg. an extra seat for a child less than 2 years old who will not fly with an airline-approved flight restraint to occupy during the cruise portion of the flight.

However, you can only make this reservation by phoning Ryanair’s call center (find the number to call from your country here).

tips to fly ryanair with a baby or toddler

Using car seats and the CARES harness on Ryanair:

Ryanair allows only forward-facing car seats (child safety seats) certified for air travel (such as FAA-approved car seats) to be used in its aircraft, or the CARES flight safety harness.

In either case, you should contact reservations well in advance of your flight to ensure your child will have an appropriate seat where the restraint (including CARES) may be used.

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Ryanair baggage allowances and baby equipment rules:

Ryanair allows two free checked pieces of baby equipment per infant, which can be a pushchair or stroller plus either a car seat or bassinet.

Collapsible pushchairs/strollers may be used right up the gate, but other items must be checked at the ticket counter (closes 40 minutes before flight).

Up to two additional baby equipment or child travel items may be checked for which is 15€/15£ per item when paid online or 25€/25£ when paid at the airport (for car seats, safety boosters, travel cots, etc.).

Flying Ryanair with a baby or toddler? Read this first!

RyanAir discounts for children, AKA Family Extra

Ryanair offers 50% discounts off checked bags, allocated seating, Priority Boarding and travel insurance for children (under 16) when the accompanying adult(s) in the same booking,  purchase a corresponding fully priced service. Some details:

  • “Family Extra” discounts are only offered when making a new flight booking.
  • There are 50% discounts off checked bags, allocated seats, Priority Boarding and travel insurance for up to a maximum of 2 children when 1 accompanying adult included in the same reservation purchases the corresponding fully priced item.
  • There are 50% discounts off checked bags, Priority Boarding and travel insurance for up to a maximum of 4 children when the 2 accompanying adults included in the same reservation, purchase the corresponding fully priced item.
  • Adults and children must be booked in the same reservation to receive Family Extra discounts.

For full details, click here to visit the Family Extra information page on the Ryanair.com site.

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