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Best Car Seat Travel Bags, Strollers & Carriers

Best baby car seat travel carriers, bags and strollers

What’s the easiest way to get your child’s car seat through the airport and to the gate of your next flight? Roll it or wear it through the airport with these clever car seat carriers and great car seat travel bags. A few clever products here will even help you do both! Here’s what we recommend for baby and toddler car seat carriers, car seat strollers, and travel bags.


Brica Smart Move Toddler Car Seat Stroller / Transporter

Brica smart move toddler car seat transporterWhy Shelly recommends it:

Sturdy and streamlined: Unlike the other guys, the Brica Car Seat Transporter’s wheels turn in when not in use to store pretty darn flat at only 2 1/2″ thick–sliding in with ease alongside your carry-on bags in the overhead bin or in your under-seat storage space.

Like the GoGo Kidz Travelmate (below), the Brica Smart Move carrier turns forward-facing toddler car seats into airport strollers, with inline skate wheels for easy maneuvering. A sturdy, aluminum telescoping handle makes this model feel all the more secure, with a combined child + car seat capacity of 100 lbs.

The Brica Smart Move itself weighs 8 lbs.–not exactly lightweight for a car seat add-on, but thankfully it’s made for rolling not carrying. Works with most major brand toddler car seats.   Find it online at:


GoGo Babyz Travelmate Deluxe Baby Car Seat Stroller / Transporter

car seat stroller gogo babyz travelmateWhy Shelly recommends it:

The whole nine yards: It works with both infant car seats and toddler car seats for years of use (see recommended travel car seats here). Adjust the telescoping handle from 26″L when folded up to 46″H when pushing this rolling baby car seat carrier, and keep your cart attached during your flight (but not during trips in the car).

Wide-set 6″ roller blade wheels provide stability, while the entire car seat carrier accommodates the max. weight allowed for your car seat. Folds to 26″l x 16.75″w x 12″h. Weighs 5 lbs.   Find it online at:


The Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Strap for Carry-On Bags

traveling toddler car seat strap

Why Shelly recommends it:

The price is right! It’s so simple, it’s so affordable, it’s so smart. We were delighted to discover this great new product that secures your child’s convertible or toddler car seat right to your rolling suitcase using the LATCH and tether straps–with your child secured in her seat! So long as your suitcase handle locks in place, you can push your child right up to the gate (and if not, you can roll her behind you).

We found the Traveling Toddler works well with both medium-size suitcases down to our smallest rolling carry-on bag–though with small carry-on suitcases, you will be happiest with those that have a higher handle height (some tend to be on the shorter side).

It’s been tested and proven to work with major brand car seats including Graco, Eddie Bauer, Cosco, Evenflo, and Britax (and probably any toddler car seat that has LATCH and tether straps). It’s rated to support up to 900 lbs., so your car seat + child should be no problem. When not in use, you can fit it in your pocket–now that’s traveling light.  Find it online at:

best travel strollers and gear for travel with babies and toddlers


Brica Cover Guard Carry & Roll Car Seat Travel Bag

The Brica Cover Guard car seat travel bag with backpack straps

Why Shelly recommends it:

Get three in one: 1) Wear it on your back as you wheel other luggage to check in. 2) Roll it through the airport to your gate either for gate-checking or use on the aircraft. 3) Turn this carry case inside out and it becomes a fitted protector for your child’s car seat, keeping it up to 40% cooler and preventing the sun from fading its cover.

You may also be able to “piggy back” this carrying case onto your large rolling suitcase by attaching the carrying handle with a luggage strap. 19″ x 19″ x 37″H.   Find it online at:


J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag and Booster Seat Carrier Case

The JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat travel bag which fits many boosters as well

Why Shelly recommends it:

Two birds with one bag: This padded car seat carrying case (which also works for high-back booster seats) not only protects your car seat when checked. It’s is also made to be worn as a backpack, leaving your hands free to…. roll suitcases, push a stroller, or present boarding passes and I.D.

It’s also useful when you aren’t sure if your lap child will get an extra seat on the flight. Just wear it to your gate and check it at the jetway if you must. Fits most major car and booster seats, including Peg Perego, Cosco, Evenflo, Century, Baby Trend, and all Britax car seats except for the Husky and Regent. Confirm dimensions of all “extra-large” car seats. 33″ x 18″ x 19″.   Find it online at:

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