Best Car Seat Accessories for Travel

Make road trips and flights more comfortable and fun with these helpful car seat accessories for travel. Scroll down to see innovative accessories to help keep your child happier and more comfortable in her car seat or booster–making road trips and long flights better for all of you. Don’t forget to also take a look at these recommended Travel Toys!

Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray

travel tray car seat travel accessory

Why Shelly recommends it:

We like this tray because it’s large enough to accommodate coloring books and drawing paper, and the extra-high edges help keep toys and crayons from escaping–even if the tray is at an angle (from the sloping car seat). The side pockets are helpful, but a small toddler may not be able to reach much in them.

Since it’s soft, you can roll or fold it to stuff beneath your stroller. An essential item for road trips, long flights, and time spent in strollers without snack trays.   Find it online at:

The Snuzzler Infant Support Cushion

the snuzzler car seat travel accessory


Why Shelly recommends it:

Most infants are so small they almost get “lost” in their car seats. This award-winning infant cushion is ideal for newborns, giving them total support where they need it on those early rides in the car seat–and also in the stroller. It continues to give babies added comfort as they grow, with its height-adjustable head support.

The Snuzzler also works marvelously in jogging strollers. Height adjustable head support. Designed to work with all types of seat harnesses without needing to re-thread harness straps. Machine washable.   Find it online at:

Car Seat Head & Cheek Cradler

head cradler car seat travel accessory


Why Shelly recommends it:

Especially great for older children who no longer benefit from a recline in forward-facing car seats, though this is one car seat travel accessory that’s designed to grow with children from infancy up to 5 years old.

This clever cushion lends support where it’s needed most at nap time, preventing head from slumping forward and only slightly to the side.   Find it online at: 

The PiddlePad Car Seat Protector

piddle pad car seat protector


Why Shelly recommends it:

Long hours spent in the car seat only increase the risk of diaper leaks and blowouts (especially during potty training). Not to worry. This car seat liner can help contain accidents using a quilted terry liner to wick away moisture from your child.

A waterproof vinyl shell protects the car seat. You may want one for your stroller, too! Machine washable. Available in blue or black.   Find it online

best travel strollers and gear for travel with babies and toddlers



Sit-Rite Rear-facing Car Seat Leveler

Why Shelly recommends it:

It’s so simple, it’s so basic, it’s so much easier than rolling and folding up towels or blankets–especially as you travel. The Sit-Rite car seat travel accessory helps all infant and rear-facing car seats achieve the proper angle while adding stability in any range of vehicle seats. LATCH-compatible, works with infant carrier bases as well.   Find it online at: