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What is the WAYB Pico and why is it great for travel?

The WAYB Pico is a travel-friendly folding car seat for kids 2 years and older, weighing from 22 lbs. up to 50 lbs., and from 30″ to 45″ tall. But is it the best car seat for traveling families? And is it the best option for your family?

I’ll start with the “pros” of what makes the Pico foldable toddler car seat ideal for many traveling families.

The WAYB Pico folding travel car seat shown in three positions including in travel backpack

Pico WAYB pros:

Pico wayb folding car seat in folded position and carried with one hand
The WAYB Pico folding car seat in folded position. At only 8 lbs., it’s light enough to carry with one hand.

+ The Pico meets the stringent safety requirements of both the FAA and NHTSA, so you can use it with confidence on airplanes and on the road.

+ Its low profile and small footprint make it an easier fit in airplane seats than many car seats.

+ The Pico is so much easier to install on airplanes than most car seats. The lap belt easily passes through the back channel and has guides to slip the belt into. Watch this demonstration video to see how (minus the tether you won’t need/use on airplanes):

How to install the WAYB Pico car seat with an airplane lap safety belt (minus the tether shown for use in cars).

+ Its aluminum frame keeps it lightweight but safely durable (a comfort for the highway, but also if you have to check it through the baggage system).

+ And yes, it folds when not in use, making a more compact package for travel or storage (in your cruise ship cabin, etc.) during travel. The WAYB Pico’s dimensions when folded are 11.6″ L x 14.5″ W x 18.9″ H.

+ It comes with its own streamlined backpack carrying bag to make it easy to get to the airport gate or taxi while keeping your hands free for your stroller, suitcase, or child’s hand.

+ And at 8 lbs. it weighs about as much as a newborn, so you won’t mind carrying it either!

+ The Pico folding car seat also breaks the cycle of plastic car seats that end up in landfill. Better still, these car seats aren’t just made from “infinitely recyclable aluminum.” WAYB also has a program to recycle your Pico car seat for its next incarnation.

Side view of the WAYB Pico folding car seat for safe travel.
Side view of the WAYB Pico folding car seat for safe travel.

Pico WAYB cons:

Here are some of the possible reasons you might choose a different toddler car seat for travel:

  • The Pico is forward-facing ONLY and for kids 2 years+. So you might need other car seats until your child is ready, or if you prefer to keep your child in a rear-facing car seat a little longer .
  • Its low-profile also means it’s low-to-the seat. This may make it more difficult for children to see out the windows of vehicles. Some kids might be more likely to get car sick (or bored) in this situation. (See my tips for avoiding carsickness here for more help.)
  • It’s price tag. The Pico foldable car seat is priced from $400 + depending on which accessories you might bundle it with (eg. backpack car seat carrier or companion cup holder).


Still, the Pico foldable car seat for toddlers and kids up to 50 lbs. might also help avoid the need for a second car seat as your child grows — in addition to adding convenience for your vacations along the way.

And considering its longevity and ease of use between vehicles (including carpools and rideshare), that may be well worth it to you. Click here to see current pricing and packages for the WAYB Pico folding car seat.

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