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Photo Fave: Paris CDG, the way we roll…

by Shelly Rivoli
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Family and suitcases at Paris CDG
Family and suitcases at Paris CDG

At the end of the longest line I’d ever seen for check-in… can you tell who’s been enjoying my cafe’ creme?

Sure, some travel bloggers will dazzle you with gorgeous photos of exotic destinations. And I like to do that, too. But at Travels with Baby Tips you also get the other side of the coin! 😉 Here’s what family travel really looks like, packing 5 winter coats and hats and scarves for an overseas flight, along with two students’ worth of independent study materials, two laptops, trusty travel stroller, believe-it-or-not our toddler travel bed is even packed in one suitcase, and all of us made it to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on time to wait in the longest line I’d ever seen for check-in at an airport.

Not to worry, our fight was delayed two hours–and when the beautiful people representing our airline saw the three musketeers, they let us jump the queue. I love visiting France with little kids!

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Safe journeys,

Safe journeys,

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