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How to Travel Light — Even with a Baby.

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When I packed several jars of baby food, rice cereal, plenty of diapers and wipes to get us started, baby-safe insect repellent, sunblock, and even a pop-up sun tent for our trip to Thailand with our first daughter, I had no idea I could have had all of those very items meet us at our first hotel in Bangkok. With a 7-month-old baby along for the two-week adventure, we had our hands full enough as it was. If I had it to do over, I certainly would have taken advantage of Babies Travel Lite as I did on a recent family holiday.

Many miles, many lessons, one book, and 2.5 children later, I can tell you, you don’t have to fly to Thailand with a baby to get a great value from using Babies Travel Lite. Particularly now that they’ve expanded their product list to include more than 1300 items that you can have meet you at your destination—be it Grandma’s house for the holidays, a hotel in Hawaii, or a vacation rental in Vietnam.

Let me tell you, it was a great feeling in the midst of our last-minute packing and travel preparations to get an email notification that my package had already arrived at the hotel—a couple of days before we’d even left town. Within minutes of checking into our room, there was a knock at the door and our package was placed in my hands. No ribbons or bows on top, but it certainly felt like a gift to myself. The girls naturally assumed it was a present for themselves. I told them it was and made them wait until that evening to open it. They were not disappointed finding milk and their favorite crackers on earth inside, the perfect bedtime snack after a busy day of traveling and evening in the hotel pool.

I also had to chuckle as I retrieved my “baby diaper bundles” from the box. For quite some time I’ve packed (and recommended packing) gallon-size Ziploc bags with just enough diapers, wipes, creme, and changing pad to pass the day on airplanes, trains, or while out sightseeing. And here were my diaper bundles: zip-top bags, each efficiently loaded with one day’s worth of my preferred diapers, travel-size creme, travel-size wipes, disposable changing pads, and even diaper disposal bags (which are certainly helpful in the hotel room where there isn’t a diaper pail). The diaper bundles were perfect, and the nice zip-top bags have already been reused for wet bathing suits and beach clothes, among other things.

Where most of us are watching our pennies more closely than ever these days, and every travel dollar spent is in itself a clear luxury, you might especially appreciate the many ways that Babies Travel Lite could save you time, gas, and additional expenses for your upcoming family travels. Just think about it…

Will you be shopping for your trip anyway?
When you consider just the swim diapers, sun block, snacks, antibacterial hand wipes, diaper wipe travel packs, microwavable kids’ meals, inflatable baby float or pool toys, travel-size baby shampoos and medicines, and the like that you might hunt down in your pre-trip weeks, not to mention any extra baby food, formula, teething biscuits, and diapers you will use while you’re there, it may make sense to spend less time and gas dashing around town (or your destination during your precious vacation time) and sit down to place a well-planned order at your computer instead.

Will you save on baggage fees?
Many U.S.-based airlines now charge $15 for each passenger’s first checked suitcase—but if you’re flying with your baby on your lap for free, she most likely won’t get a luggage allowance (more details on baggage fees and babies here). That means if your checked bags outnumber ticketed (paying passengers), you’ll get slapped with the even higher fee (usually $25) for a second checked suitcase. Not to mention, the 50 lb. weight limit per suitcase is frighteningly easy to exceed when traveling as a family (resulting in yet more fees—see tip). If you arrange to have Babies Travel Lite ship your consumables, you won’t just enjoy the convenience, but the savings in extra baggage fees and back strain may prove more than worth it.

Are you picky about your products?
Even if shops are easily accessed at your destination, you may have a hard time finding the specific items you want (including size 6 and 7 diapers), or the snacks your picky toddler insists upon, at your destination. Not to mention resort prices, currency exchange rates, or local sales tax may also end up surprising you. Allergies and food sensitivities can also make it tough to travel with babies and young children. Babies Travel Lite has continued to expand its offerings based on real family requests, and chances are they’ve got what you want (and if not, ask them about a special request). Whether you need specialty formulas, organic baby food, high fructose corn syrup-free toddler snacks, or vanilla soy milk for the whole family, they’ve got it covered.

Want to travel green with your baby?
In addition to organic baby foods, snacks, milk, and formulas, Babies Travel Lite even offers earth-friendly diapering alternatives like gDiaper flushable refills, Tushies, and Seventh Generation diapers (among others). California Baby products are also available, including all-natural bathing supplies, lotions, sunscreens, and baby-safe insect repellents. With their clever “Ship it Home” option, you can also easily pack up any leftovers, reusable items, or other new products you’ve purchased in your same Babies Travel Lite box and drop it off at the hotel desk. FedEx will whisk it all back to your home for you (click here for details).

So, how can you get the best deal using Babies Travel Lite?
First, check out the “bundles” they offer: diaper bundles, mealtime bundles, beach time bundles, pool time bundles, infant bath bundles, and toddler bath bundles. Each of these packages were designed to save you money over buying the individual items alone. Also, order as far in advance as you can and you will avoid paying a “convenience fee” and be able to take advantage of the much lower ground shipping rates, though they have just acquired even lower express shipping rates due to increased volume and demand—and you can probably see why. And finally, use coupon code TRAVELS at check out to save an extra $5 on your order and tell them that I sent you.

Thanks so much, Babies Travel Lite. We’ll be back!

Safe journey,

Shelly Rivoli, author of the award-winning guide Travels with Baby
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