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In 2012… may you go to your family’s happy place!
Well, here is the last Photo Fave I’ll be posting for 2011. As I look back over the past year (okay, actually the past 3 or so), it’s shocking to realize how many places and experiences I still haven’t managed to mention in this blog! However, I’ll gladly take the problem of “too much material” to draw from over the alternative! My Photo Fave posts have been a nice excuse to hop, skip and jump around in our family’s travel timeline (you can browse them here), and touch on some of the places I haven’t managed to give the full attention I hope to… eventually! Here is a snapshot of me and the little guy on this year’s trip to Yosemite – the first place my husband always asks to go when I say I’m planning a trip again! Of all the places I’ve dragged him to, we continue to count ourselves so lucky to live with this spectacular national park so close at hand, and we do our best to get there each year at least once. Yosemite holds a dear place in each of our hearts, and as long-time followers of this blog know, it’s actually where Travels with Baby was conceived (the book – not the baby!).  

Does your family have a special place you return to each year – or try to? Whether it’s the place itself or perhaps the very special people you journey to see there, here’s wishing you the best of “happy places” in your 2012.And on that note, I’ll be back next week with some tips to help fit more travel into your family’s New Year!

Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli
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