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Pack This! BedBugz inflatable bed rail for travel with toddlers and little kids

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What I love best about the BedBugz inflatable bed rail – aside from the fact that thanks to it I no longer have to sleep with one eye open, ready to leap out of my hotel bed to make sure my toddler or preschooler doesn’t spontaneously flop out of hers – is that it helps you make the most of extra beds where you find them as you travel with toddlers.

If you find yourself in any of these situations when you travel with your family, chances are you’ll be glad to have a BedBugz onboard (or in your suitcase at any rate):

  • Will you co-sleep during travel?
  • Will you stay in hotels where two double/queen beds are an option – but a Pack ‘n Play may not be?
  • Will you stay with relatives who have an extra bed – but not a portacrib or Pack ‘N Play?
  • Will you stay anywhere that offers a pull-out sofabed you could use – if you had one of these?
  • Will you stay in a cruise ship cabin or train compartment where berths are narrow and fall-out risks are even greater?

Since it straps around the mattress and adjusts to fit a variety of mattress sizes, you have a snug fit that is far safer than piling pillows or sofa cushions, or pushing chairs up alongside of the hotel bed (trust me, I’ve tried it all). The cover is also removable and washable – also definite pluses.

Clearly there is a good case for traveling with two of these, and since they pack down to almost nothing and weigh very little, that’s do-able. However, we have done pretty well with just one (which I paid for myself, BTW). Great applications you might try for your BedBugz inflatable bed rail:

  • Turn it sideways to create a narrow and cozier sleeping zone for smaller children between the headboard and bed rail of a queen-size hotel bed.
  • Use it in the center of a queen-size hotel bed to help keep siblings from waking each other.
  • Use it as a soft bumper that goes the length of your toddler bed at home (much more kid-friendly than the metal frame rails).

Worried about huffing and puffing? Have enough inflatables to fill on your next resort vacation? Go with the BedBugz deluxe that comes with its own lightweight foot pump.

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