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Recycled plastic BPA-free stacking cups for baby and toddler
Stacking cups: Not just for babies. Not just for stacking.

A simple set of stacking cups have become a regular part of our suitcase now, having proven they are worth every one of the few cubic inches they require there.

On the road, we have used them for the obvious: hotel coffee table sculpture, as well as for bath toys, snack cups, and to assist in the creation of My-Little-Pony-sized sand castles on the beach.

This set of six stacking cups I recently discovered is made 100% from the plastic of recycled milk jugs, with no BPA, PVC, pthalates, or external coatings you wouldn’t want in your car snacks. And better yet: they’re made in the USA.

If you ask me, that’s pretty darn green for a travel toy. Of course, we’ve done well with pine cones and rocks, too, but they aren’t nearly as fun in the bath tub and don’t hold as many snacks.

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