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Check the new "Flying with babies and toddlers" page for extra travel tips and advice

Flying with a baby or toddler? Check out the new help page.
Sometimes, when I get a perfectly innocent question like, “So can you give me any tips for flying with my toddler?” I admit I feel a little like a pine tree being asked–does it have any needles? Sure. But where to begin?
Well, now I can say be sure to visit the new flying with babies and toddlers tips and advice page

Of course, from the ground up, there’s no better place to start than Travels with Baby‘s Part 5, which covers everything from picking the best airline and seats to packing the carry-ons and planning for your in-flight entertainment. And once you’re at the airport and on the plane, Take-Along Travels with Baby‘s got your back.

And if you want more tips on healthy travels, road trips, and more, don’t forget about the FAQs and Popular Topics page as well.
Happy “Tip Tuesday”!
Safe journeys,
Shelly Rivoli
Author of the award-winning Travels with Baby guidebooks

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