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Best strollers for travel?


UPPAbaby g-luxe travel stroller


Car seat alternatives for travel?

Baby B'Air flight safety vest for air travel with lap-held infants and toddlers









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 Safety & Childproofing

           Products for Travel


Need temporary childproofing solutions and safety recommendations for travel with your baby, toddler or preschooler? Here are some of my favorites and links to more help for your trip.


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     Childproofing during travel 

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SafetyTat Child ID Tattoos

Why Shelly recommends it:

Disney World, Lego Land, and JFK are big, big places. These very clever tattoos let you add your cell phone number with a special pen and apply for up to 2 weeks of vacationing peace of mind (you can remove sooner if desired). SafetyTats are waterproof, hypoallergenic, latex-free, and available in several different designs. Their allergy warning tattoos are also ideal for children with nut and other allergies who may be attending kids' camps and supervised programs during their vacations.

Find it online at: Amazon.com

Mommy I'm Here Child Locator

Why Shelly recommends it:

If ladybugs aren't your thing, you might prefer this option that attaches well to your child's sneakers or belt without flapping and slips easily onto your keychain. Activate the alarm for an 86 decibel beep up to 150 feet away from you. Also available in pink.

Find it online at:  Amazon  Babies Travel Lite 

Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker

Why Shelly recommends it:

Extra protection and peace of mind for travel with curious--and-quick--toddlers. It works just like a cordless phone locator but with a 90 decibel beep to alert you to the whereabouts of your child. It works at a range of 75 to 100 feet indoors, and 100+ feet in outdoor settings. Clip the bug on your child's belt loop or shirt, and keep the activator button with you.

Find it online at:  Amazon 

Brica "By My Side" Backpack Child Safety Harness

Why Shelly recommends it:

Ours made a 5-hour layover at Dallas Ft. Worth with an active toddler manageable. This toddler-sized backpack looks much like a grownup's daypack, complete with water bottle (sippy cup) holder on the side and a second compartment on the back. The "leash" strap can be unclipped when not needed (and stored inside the pack itself if you like). Fit small books, toys, and crayons in the back, or use it to store a few diapers and wipes for walks to the lavatory and restrooms.  

Find it online at:   Amazon.com

Door Knob Covers

Why Shelly recommends it:

Just snap over standard door knobs to help keep children out of "off limits" areas. Non-permanent, installs and removes in seconds, and works with most standard (round) door knobs. Since they are simple for adults to use when opening doors (just squeeze and turn with an adult-size hand) they are also a great, no-fuss way to childproof while visiting homes of friends and extended family members without imposing on your hosts.

Find it online at: Amazon.com  

Door Mouse Finger Guard

Why Shelly recommends it:

It helps keeps children from locking themselves in bathrooms and other rooms wherever your travels take you, while also preventing doors from slamming on little hands and fingers. Installs in seconds, slips off when ready for check out (or when a grown up is ready for privacy). Also worth noting: For side-by-side refrigerators with continuous handles from top to bottom, we found the Door Mouse to be the perfect "snug fit" over both handles at the top of the doors to help childproof the fridge as well.

Find it online at:   Amazon.com  

Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket

Why Shelly recommends it:

SleepSacks are widely thought to help reduce the risk of SIDS, but they can also help minimize the risk of your baby or toddler climbing out of the crib at night--particularly when you can't be sure ahead of time what the hotel's crib might look like, or how tall the railings may be. These cozy "blankets from home" can also help keep little legs from getting stuck between slats in some portacribs. Available in sizes up to XL, which fits 24 months.(See also: Travel Beds and Sleeping Solutions.)

Find it online at: Amazon.com

Kolcraft Go Anywhere Gate

Why Shelly recommends it:

When children cannot venture into unsafe rooms and areas, you can all relax and enjoy your trip more. This gate is pressure-mounted with non-skid mounting pads so you can install it quickly without the need for hardware or risk of scratching surfaces. It stands 29.75" tall and fits doorways from 28" to 36.25" wide. Twists and folds for travel in its own carrying case. Not for use at the top of stairs. No tools required.

Find it online at:  Amazon.com

The Superyard

Why Shelly recommends it:

Helps keep kids safe indoors and out. Great for visits to Grandma's house, even better for the campground or beach--just hose off the dust or sand off when finished. Includes six panels, each measuring 35" x 26". Panels fold flat for storage and trips in the car, with a snap-on carry handle. You can also remove panels to create a smaller area when desired or add additional panels with the Extension Kit to create a larger play space. We have also used it to create a makeshift barrier around the Christmas tree. Not for use at the top of stairs.

Find it online at: Amazon.com 

Tips: Linking toys attach easily to the side panels for added interest. Optional SuperYard XT Sun Shade also available as shown.

Kid Kusion KidSafe Deck Guard

Why Shelly recommends it:

You might be surprised how many vacation rentals and hotel balconies have wide-spaced slats that make it hard to enjoy the "deckspace" with little ones around. This adjustable net system adds a layer of protection, helping to keep kids safe--and their toys on deck. Attaches to vertical and horizontal railings with heavy Velcro straps for easy nonpermanent installation (unlike most others of this type). 3' tall by up to 16' wide.

Find it online at: Amazon.com



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