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Travels with Baby Tip #19: Electronic Tickets and Infants Flying Overseas

by Shelly Rivoli
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UPDATE: I’m happy to say paper tickets are no longer required for lap infants flying overseas! Much simpler for families flying overseas. You will still need to pay your lap child’s fee (usually 10%) to the airline, and he or she will be noted on your ticket.

If you’ll be flying overseas or across international borders from the U.S. with your baby on your lap, be aware that your “lap child” must have a physical, paper ticket for the flight–even if your own airline ticket is an electronic (paperless) ticket. This means that if you are buying e-tickets online, you will likely see an extra shipping fee to have your child’s ticket sent to you by mail. If you are working with an agent, make certain he or she knows your lap child’s ticket must be issued in paper. We almost missed this lovely flight to France learning this important lesson, although we had paid the 10% fare for our daughter’s international airline ticket as a lap child and she was included in our reservation. More questions? Don’t miss the sections dedicated to flying with a lap child, flying overseas, choosing the airline, seats, and flight–and using an airline bassinet in your copy of Travels with Baby!

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Shelly Rivoli, author of Travels with Baby
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