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Today, I’m a featured guest blogger over at Barb’s Daily Dose (NurseBarb.com), where I’m addressing one of the top concerns I hear from new parents preparing to travel with their babies and small children: Finding a doctor away from home. Be sure to check out my tips for getting fast, effective treatment for any member of your family, whether staying out of town with friends or overseas with camels.

While I hope you won’t need to find a doctor to treat your child’s unexpected ear infection on your next vacation, being prepared to handle such a situation if it comes up can certainly give you confidence as your family travels near or far.

For those who will be traveling far in particular, I hope you will consider my point on Medical Evacuation Coverage. Fortunately, it is very unlikely that any member of your family will end up needing hospital care as you travel. But clearly there are some destinations and circumstances where, if it happened, you would be very glad to get jetted home to your local hospital for care.

Not only can the expenses of prolonging your family’s stay in a far-off place during treatment add up, but the care may not always be up to your standards, and the language barrier may further complicate things.

After hearing the story of a friend who unexpectedly landed in a hospital in Bolivia during an Andean adventure, I still have visions of him swatting flies from his IV and looking out the unscreened hospital window from his bed at the mound of outgoing hospital trash. I’m sure you’ve heard other stories as well.

It’s great to travel, but clearly there are times when there’s no place like home. If you’re purchasing travel insurance for your trip, Medical Evacuation Coverage may be included in your plan–check to be sure. If your credit card offers some level of travel insurance, ask if it includes Medical Evacuation Coverage. Different plans are available a la carte through AirMed, Medjet Assist, or Medevac through Travel Guard (see my tip on family travel insurance as well). Any of these plans offer a special rate for families and will provide worldwide air transportation with skilled medics to the hospital of your choice.

Now, head over to NurseBarb.com for more tips on finding medical care while traveling with children.

Safe journey,

Shelly Rivoli, author of the award-winning guide Travels with Baby
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