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Photo Fave: Tree of Life at Arenal Lodge, Costa Rica

by Shelly Rivoli
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Can you count the types of leaves?

In honor of Arbor Day today, I’m posting a photo of one of my favorite travel trees (of course, there have been many!).

We walked past this tree each time we left our chalet to stroll down to Arenal Lodge (read my full hotel review here), and I always had to stop and take a moment to appreciate it, and look for all the various forms of life I could find coming and going from it, even traveling through it: insects, lizards, birds…

What I especially like about the tree is how you can’t really tell where it begins or ends. Roots, multiple trunks, leaves–not to mention how many leaves of how many other plants that call it home?

Want to see some other trees we’ve enjoyed? Check out the links below – and remember our National Parks are still FREE to visit through Sunday (details here). Have a fantastic weekend!

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