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The sand beach and picnic area at Crissy Field, San Francisco.
I just wrapped up a fantastic week where I got to play host to out-of-town and out-of-country guests, sharing with them many of my favorite places to take the kids in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Let me tell you, we put some miles on the van and every seat was filled, and it… was… a blast! Thankfully, our typical Mark Twain July weather took a vacation during the week as well, allowing for premium picnicking at three different beaches, plus the spectacular Palace of Fine Arts.

By the time we walked onto this beach at the Crissy Field picnic area (shown above), with the Golden Gate Bridge looming to our left, the lovely view of San Francisco with the Palace of Fine Arts dome and Marina District to our right, and stream of sailboats racing before us, I realized this is one place I simply have to bring everyone who comes to visit–including those of you reading this blog. 😉

Crissy Field is near the Palace of Fine Arts, the Exploratorium (until it’s relocated later next year), the San Francisco overlook of the Golden Gate Bridge, and is bordered by the historic Presidio. There is a great walking and biking trail along the area, and you can stroll out onto that “Dock of the Bay” shown in the background if you like. Parking is free here but very competitive on the weekends, so visit on a weekday if possible during your vacation, or arrive early.

Also nearby is another of my favorite San Francisco beaches: Baker Beach, which is located just on the Pacific side of the Golden Gate Bridge (opposite of here). Both beaches can be windy and cold (note: this is not San Diego!), so be sure to bring jackets and hats unless you find yourself here on an unusually warm and gorgeous day such as we had.

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