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Babymoov Babnyi baby pop up play yard Just in time for spring and summer travels with baby, the “Babyni” portable baby play gym or baby-size play yard is ready to help ease your family’s adventures. It folds into a disc to travel in its own carry case with shoulder strap, and pops up quickly with side-support “stays” and shade canopy–with zipping, fitted mosquito net to cover the opening when desired. The fabric provides anti-UV sun protection rated to SPF 50.

Of course, mastering the art of the quick-fold to fit it back into its carrying case may require some practice and ninja stealth, as with all of these “pop up” things. Nevertheless, it is doable (watch the video linked below for help), and the Babyni’s benefits for travel are clear.

Here are the top 3 scenarios where I think the Babyni will serve those with infants up to 6 months well in the months ahead (can be used for older babies, too, but I think this range is the sweet spot for this product):

Babyni Babymoov play yard tent with infant

Road trip pit stops.

Too much time in the car seat? At grassy rest areas and parks en route, the Babyni pops up instantly to provide a clean space for stretching and sprawling (and diaper changes when better facilities can’t be found).

Camp sites.

Have no fear, you’ve got an easy safe space for baby to play while you set up the tent or man the camp stove. Bugs bugging you? Just employ the snug-fit mosquito net over the opening.


Beach days.

Got a happy roller on your hands? This will help keep sand out of the mouth and eyes (yes, I’ve been there) and give partial shade from sun. Sheds sand easily when through.


Want to find out more and read customer reviews of the Babyni–and see a short video of set-up and and take-down? Follow this link to the Babyni on Amazon–your click-throughs help support this site! Thank you. 😀


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