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Tip #39: Bring Door Knob Covers

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One of the great gadgets I like for childproofing on the go has also proved indispensible for childproofing at home. These doorknob covers click over the knobs of doors you don’t want toddlers opening by themselves, but will want adults and even older children to be able to use frequently–and without much hassle.

These are perfect for keeping tots out of bathrooms, some closets, and other off-limit rooms in your house. Not to mention, they can help keep kids from exiting out the front door unescorted. Yet all you need to do as you come and go is squeeze and turn the knob.

When you travel, toss a couple into your suitcase to click on door knobs wherever you roam. Not only are they a great way to temporarily childproof in vacation rentals and many hotel rooms, they’re a terrific way to help keep little ones safe while staying in the homes of friends and family members–without imposing on your hosts or other guests as they come and go.

For more great gadgets for childproofing on the go, be sure to check out my page for travel-friendly childproofing & safety products. And if you’ll be visiting friends or family soon, don’t miss my segment on Childproofing at Someone Else’s Home that aired yesterday on ABC’s The View from The Bay (click here).

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Shelly Rivoli, author of the award-winning guide Travels with Baby
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