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Flying with a lap-held toddler? Not if you choose the right airline.

One of the best parts of booking our recent flight to Europe with British Airways was that I was able to take advantage of the British Airways “Britax child seats” I mention in Travels with Baby, which is an option offered in addition to bassinets (a.k.a. “sky cots”) to B.A. travelers flying overseas with a lap child .
While many airlines offer bassinets on long-haul and overseas flights, these lie-flat baby beds always have an upper weight and height limit which varies by airline, but may be as young as 8 months. Plus, your baby will only be happy riding in a bassinet, either lying down flat or propped up with airplane pillows, until a certain point as well. By the time you fly with a 18-month-old, it’s pretty clear it will no longer be a viable option.

Good to know… With British Airways, however, your lap child from 6 months up through 23 months can ride comfortably—and for no additional fee—in one of these adjustable, reclining seats from Britax with a secure harness (you can recline it either more or less from the position shown above). Like the B.A. bassinets, the baby seats must be mounted at the designated locations—in this case an actual platform that folds out from the bulkhead wall (and is a great place to stash extra stuff!). So you must have an appropriate seat assignment to take advantage of these baby seats.

As well, there is no guarantee ahead of time that there will be enough of these baby seats on your flight for the travelers requesting them, so be prepared to jump through all the hoops you can to secure yours before—and immediately after boarding your aircraft. See more tips and advice on bassinet-booking procedures in Part V: Travels by Airplane of Travels with Baby.

On full flights especially, a B.A. Britax baby seat beats the heck out of having your lap child climb all over you—and your neighbors—during a 10-hour flight. And let me tell you, having a secure place to buckle your 1-year-old in flight without having to purchase an additional seat presents one serious value proposition for families traveling overseas. Just be aware that these seats are only for use during the cruise portion of your flight, and will need to be securely stowed away during take-off and landing, during which time your B.A. flight attendant will make sure your lap child is secured to your lap belt with a “belly belt” provided by the airline. More information at the British Airways site.

Thanks, British Airways (who by the way did not sponsor these flights or this blog post), for providing such excellent amenities and service to the baby- and toddler-challenged travelers among us. Two thumbs up from Travels with Baby.

For more help planning air travel with your baby or toddler, don’t miss the Travels with Baby sections on everything from choosing the airline (compare parent perks in the airline comparison chart) and seats to packing your carry-ons, planning your in-flight entertainment, and preparing for airport security. And for help in the airport and during your flight – keep your Take-Along Travels with Baby handy (you know I’ve got your back).

How about you? Have you flown British Airways with your baby or toddler? Have a different favorite airline for flying with your tot?


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