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Visiting New York with your baby or toddler and need a taxi cab with a car seat? You’re not alone!

While you may not need a car seat except for your ride to and from the airport, or for a particular outing one day of your stay in Manhattan, you don’t have to choose between lugging the car seat from home or using no car seat at all when you ride in a taxi or airport shuttle.

All three of these private car hire services provide airport transportation from JFK, Newark, and La Guardia to Manhattan with car seats or safety boosters by request.

NYC Limousine

Kid Car New York

Crestwood Car & Limousine Service

At time of writing, the least expensive JFK Airport option of these—if you can all fit with your baggage—is the Lincoln Town Car ($55) from Crestwood Car & Limousine Service with the requested car seat ($15) for a total of $70 + tolls & tip.

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All three of these services offer a minivan or van option at a higher rate ranging from $120 up to $160, with each car seat or booster costing an extra $15 to $20. Worth it? Safety aside, how much would you pay to skip that taxi line with your toddler after surviving a red-eye from the West Coast?

These companies can also be used for point-to-point trips in town or hired by the hour for sightseeing as well.

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