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what to pack in a baby travel kit for airplane

Sure you can bring more than 3.4 ounces of formula, expressed breast milk, baby food, and medicines for your infant or toddler in your carry-on bag (see tips and specifics here). But I recommend keeping a ready-to-go cabin-friendly baby travel kit in your diaper bag.

Having these travel essentials at the ready helps streamline your travels every time you leave the house together. And when you’re airport-bound with enough other things to remember? You’ve got it!

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Remember, the 3-1-1 allowance is per passenger, so you can keep your own air travel kit in its own zip-top bag as well (recommended!), or combine for simplicity if it all fits in one.

Here is a sample modified “travel kit” for your diaper bag, with some items you may like to have on board for your baby, especially for longer flights. (Thanks for supporting this site with your click-throughs to Amazon!)

baby travel kit for airplane carryon
A cabin-friendly baby travel kit is helpful at home and abroad.

Be sure to present your quart size clear zip-top bags at security, placing them in clear view in your bins.

You’ll also need to present any bottles or additional liquids for your child (I recommend keeping them in a gallon size zip-top bag for easy presentation and to contain any leaks).

For any questions about the TSA guidelines and the latest on what you’re allowed to pack in carry-on bags, see the “What can I bring?” section at TSA.gov.

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For more tips on preparing for you flight with baby, including Carry-on Considerations, Checking Baby Gear, Installing Car Seats on Airplanes, Lap Child Safety, and more, see Part 5 of Travels with Baby.

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