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How to dish out some romance on your next family vacation

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There’s nothing like a little baby vomit or a diaper blow-out to put a mom in the mood for romance. And when it happens at the beginning of a 10-hour flight, let’s just say Cupid ought to high-tail it to the next hotel if he knows what’s good for him. Sleep-deprived parents with babies and tots have enough on their plates without the added pressure of rising to certain occasions–Valentine’s Day and anniversaries most especially.

While getting out of the house together can be a terrific way for your family to spend some quality time together without the added distractions of house and home, it can still be tough–or even tougher in some cases for Mom and Pop to rekindle what bit of romance they may recall from the pre-baby days.

Travel is challenging. Hotel rooms are small. Budgets are generally tight these days.

Ordering up room service may not seem like a logical solution at first glance, but if it’s an option at the end of a long day during your getaway, there are good reasons to indulge. And your marriage may thank you.

Feed the kids what you must for dinner, take a snack for yourself if need be. Bathe and tuck the little tykes in, then study up on that handy menu by the dim lights of your room. Put on the hotel robe if there is one, or put on your favorite P.J.s. Even if you just treat yourselves to a little late night dessert, you may be surprised how dining on creme brulee together in a quiet room can lead to stronger things.

Like a foot massage. Or a bubble bath–this time for you (and maybe a friend).

If that doesn’t make your Mommy Brain rethink the chance for romance on family vacations, just picture this: You open a door and set a tray of dirty dishes outside to magically disappear before the light of day.

Is it me or is that far more exciting than flowers or jewelry?

Remember, it’s your vacation too. Find more “Romance Revival Tips for Parents” in the At Your Accomodations section of Take-Along Travels with Baby.

Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli
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