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If I had wanted to make things easy on myself as a “family traveler,” I might have done a few things differently. For example, I might have waited longer to have my first child, I might have called it good with just one child, and I might have waited until she was out of diapers (let alone could roll her own suitcase) to go on that first trip overseas. Yet looking back down this lucky road we’ve rambled so far as a family, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Three babies later, it’s clear I not only still like and advocate family travel, but I enjoy a good challenge to boot. We not only still travel with diapers (for now), but as a five passport family, the mere process of getting through every security check point on an international flight—especially when they decide to pat-down all of us on the jetway (yes, even the 2-year-old)—can be a lengthy ordeal. And even breezing along on a Great American Road Trip, which it felt like we’d mastered with kids #1 and #2, now has a new snafu: Finding hotels and motels that will allow the 5 of us to sleep in one room (sometimes even when I insist we have our own baby travel bed with us—argh!).

If you’ve ever traveled with 3 or more children, or brought the grandparents along on vacation, you know the challenge this can present, especially when most hotel search engines force you to book two rooms for more than 4 people. A couple of years ago, one family of six not only rose to the challenge of finding its own accommodations for a family reunion, but set out create a site to help make at least one thing about traveling with a family of five—or six, or seven, or eight—a little easier for the rest of us.

SixSuitcaseTravel.com has since grown to have some 4,000 family-friendly hotels covering destinations all over the U.S., plus Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean—all of which can sleep a minimum of 5 people in a room or suite. Just use their search box or use their interactive state maps to find listings of only the hotels that are relevant to your “big family.”

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