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Pack This! The PiddlePad for travels with baby-through-potty-trainee

by Shelly Rivoli
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The kiddopatamus PiddlePad car seat protector
The kiddopatamus PiddlePad car seat protector

No worries.

Of the Top Ten Expressions You Don’t Want to Hear when Traveling with a Car Seat, “Up the back” ranks pretty high on the list for most parents. While you can’t always anticipate a baby blowout, potty training accident, or the inability to get your child to the lavatory in a timely manner owing to turbulence, you can be armed and ready for surprises with the very simple, very smart PiddlePad.

The PiddlePad by Kiddopatomus is a waterproof seat liner that works with all car seat harness systems, and can be used in your child’s infant car seat and later on in his toddler car seat. Better still, it can absorb up to 1 cup of liquid in case that next Rest Area doesn’t reveal itself in time on your family road trip.

For better odds, consider the PiddlePad two-pack to keep you covered (or rather your car seat) during travel.

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