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Travels with Baby needs your vote!

by Shelly Rivoli
Travels with Baby finalist

Yep. I’m a finalist.

As some of you may have heard, last month Travels with Baby was nominated as a Top Family Travel Site in the Red Tricycle 2012 Totally Awesome Awards. Thanks to many of your votes in the first round, Travels with Baby is a now a FINALIST. Woot!

Now begins the final round of voting. So, what do you say?

Has the (completely free and no-subscription-required) Travels with Baby website or tips blog ever helped you? 😉

Please take 1 minute to show your support with a vote for Travels with Baby at:


I discovered last night, as I marveled at how my wee little website has grown since 2004, and how the Travels with Baby Tips blog has mushroomed since its start now 5 years ago… the “Planning” section of TravelswithBaby.com alone now has 40 active pages! The new index pages for Air Travel Advice,  Car Seat/Road Trip Advice, and   Destinations tips and advice have been helpful additions.

And thanks to your support, enthusiasm, feedback and questions… there are even more exciting improvements in the works.


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Safe journeys,

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