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Don’t road trip without it: 3-gallon BPA-free water reservoir with tap.

Sure, you can pack along water bottle for every member of the family for your next road trip, and I recommend you do. But when you also have a 3-gallon water reservoir filled to the brim with ice and water, you’ll be ready to refill as needed, too–and have plenty of back up just in case you get that unexpected flat somewhere near Los Banos (2011) or end up completely stopped in a construction back up at the gate to your next national park (multiple incidents). And if your car doesn’t handle The Grapevine so well (as thankfully ours has, knock wood), you’ll have water to spare for the radiator, once it simmers down.

  • On road trips, we keep ours insulated with whichever spare pillows and bags best fit around it, with the tap still accessible for rest area refills.
  • At hotels, we refill with water and bucket of ice from the ice machine to ready for the stretch ahead.
  • In campgrounds, we use it for our much-better-tasting drinking water when compared with whatever usually comes out of ye olde and rusty spigots found there.

Where to buy: You may be able to pick up your own water reservoir like this at your local sporting goods store, or follow this link to order it from Amazon.

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