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The travel-size doodle pro tag-along for travel with toddlers

And now… for a truly inspired Pack This! feature.

Our travel-size doodle pro has put on many miles (along with its lap-size counterpart, which is always helpful during road trips). If you don’t have one already, here are just a few reasons why I highly recommend a travel-size doodle pro for every traveling family.


How do I love thee, Travel Doodle Pro? Let me count the ways:

1. You fit in the side of my diaper bag, and even in my purse.

2. You satisfy boredom  in restaurants, and on airplanes where it’s worse.

3. You scribble wildly for my toddler, then Tic-Tac-Toe for my older pair.

4. You erase for reuse again and again, and without showing (too much) wear.

5. You secure to the car seat with carabiner clip, and with your stylus never touch the floor.

6. Cleaning up after use on an airplane tray – or at Grandma’s house – is never a chore.

7. O, you never demand new batteries, never beep, or flash a light!

8. You power-on with mere imagination, and can be used through all phases of flight.

Convinced you need one for your next trip? Click here to see more Doodle Pro toys for travel at Amazon.  You can also click here to browse all of the Pack This! recommendations so far, and find more inspired gear recommendations for your travels here. For more tips and practical advice for flying with your baby, toddler, or young kids be sure to check out the Flying Tips page. And if you’re gearing up for a family road trip, don’t miss the new Road Trips and Car Seat travel advice page.

Safe journeys,
Shelly Rivoli,
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