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Get a Baby Bedtime Routine that Travels… and Grooves (FREE DVD giveaway)

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I think I finally found the antidote for the Post-Trans-Atlantic-Flight-Jetlagged-Baby Blues. And I’m giving it away to one lucky reader.
Whether you’re landing in the unfamiliar setting and soundtrack of a relative’s home or the the crazy new time zone of Rome, the question of how you’ll help your child adjust to changes in sleeping routines can have everything to do with how prepared you feel for your journey–and an awful lot to do with how much you’ll be able to enjoy it.

I’ve learned that one of the best things you can do is to make your bedtime routines as portable as possible. But how about a bedtime routine that is not only portable, but helps you relax and unwind–and even get some exercise at the same time? What I would have given to have had some Lullaby Exercises at my disposal one bumpy night in Barcelona, and certainly after a midnight arrival in Mexico. Some familiar soothing music my daughters knew meant bedtime, and some clever ways to work out my leg cramps and stiff back after the long flight would have been most helpful.

Lullaby Exercises is the brainchild of Darcy Albrecht, a mom of two boys and longtime exercise enthusiast. It didn’t take her long as a mom to figure out that having a baby actually means wearing a baby much of the time. That’s why her entire exercise program is designed to do with your child in a baby carrier or sling (or even in your arms for the Sleep set). And while you’re not likely to take along your child’s familiar crib from home, the motorized swing with four settings, or the zany mobile of stuffed animals that plays Beethoven and Bach, chances are you will have your child’s carrier or sling along.

I first met Darcy and her “chicks” (read on) in the green room at ABC before her segment on The View from the Bay, which you can watch here (don’t miss the second set with demo). I thought it sounded like a great routine to take on the road with babies, and then I started to hear the tales of how it had indeed helped some of the mothers while taking first trips with their babies.

Darcy’s program includes an upbeat “Groove” set followed by a soothing “Sleep” set. Since no one likes to move and groove more than a fussy baby, you’ll see that the Groove set actually turns into a snooze set for many babies on the DVD, and may do the trick for yours as well. The Sleep set is soothing enough to put on repeat as desired after you’ve put your baby down.

Our Test-Drive of Lullaby Exercises

As for my test-drive of the DVD, I thought better than to put my 30-pounder in the Ergo on top of my baby bump, and instead let the extra pounds from my 6 months of pregnancy fill in instead (and it did). I assure you I did improvise during the baby squats and tummy exercise segments. But while the routine is not for prenatal use, I have to say it got me moving and grooving in spite of my awkward self.

To my surprise–and delight–my girls wanted to join in half-way through the first Groove tune: “Silly Little Mama.” Without discussion, Angelina threw on her doll’s baby carrier and took her place next to me. I caved in to Rozzie’s demands and whipped up a toddler-sized sling out of a blanket and in went the stuffed animal. Though we looked like a most unlikely trio of “chicks and chickens” as Darcy likes to call mamas and their exerbabes, together we grooved.

The Lullaby Exercises are set to original music by Lisa Phenix with lyrics new moms can appreciate (with songs like “Chocolate = Love,” we could all be moved to firm up our lower halves). The moves are are easy to follow along with your first time through. The set comes packaged with the instructional DVD (option of watching and hearing just the music without voice over when you’re really ready to Groove), and also the music CD–either of which travels much more easily than a vibrating bassinet.

I look forward to lullaby-exercising Baby Boy Rivoli in 2009. Who knows, if the girls stick with it we may just take our family routine on the road (look out Matt and Mozart). More information about Lullaby Exercises, and and I should mention some other great baby products and gifts that are handmade by moms in the U.S.A., at www.chicks-n-chickens.com.

Free Lullaby Exercises DVD-CD Set Giveaway:
“How Do You Help Your Child Sleep in a Strange New Place?”

I have a FREE Lullaby Exercises DVD/CD combo set to give away. Just post a comment below (at travelswithbaby.com/blog for those who are reading this in syndication) about what you’ve done to help your baby or child sleep in a strange new place, or… what you vowed you would do differently next time when it didn’t go so well!

Post your comments by 11:59 p.m. Monday. I’ll
announce the winner on Tuesday, so be sure to check back then so you can email me your address if you are the winner!

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