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Cheap & Free San Diego: Balboa Park with Kids

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As I’ve blogged before, there’s much more vacation to be had in San Diego than standing in lines on hot asphalt for kiddie rides or watching fish leap from water — and paying a whole ‘lotta money for the average family of 4 to do so (though if it’s in the budget and up your alley, by all means have a great time).

If you’re looking for a truly budget-friendly family vacation that won’t break the bank, or just some cost-saving alternatives to round out your vacation time, San Diego has a lot to offer. Palm trees, beaches, and warm weather aside, be sure to check out my post Stretch Your Family Vacation Dollars in San Diego.

One other place you won’t want to miss on your family vacation in San Diego is Balboa Park — a place you could easily spend a fun-filled day with young children without spending much money. While there are several museums and events there that you may also like to pay admission for, check out some of our favorite activities for around $2 – or less! Click the video above (or here) to see.

What’s better than that? Staying in San Diego for FREE, of course — in a 1-bedroom suite with your family’s breakfasts included, a full kitchen at your disposal, a great swimming pool, and in a picture-perfect location just minutes from other great activities. Enter to win my current giveaway before midnight 5/11/10!

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