Sand in my Robeez: Six tips for a great weekend at the beach from a savvy 12-month-old

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I don’t normally have guest posts in this blog, but in this case I’ve made an exception. I thought my son, who just turned 1 year old this month, could share some interesting perspectives from his recent trip to Bodega Bay for those of you planning ahead for beach trips with your own babies and toddlers. – Shelly

1. Keep trying.
If you can’t reach the hotel door knob the first time, don’t give up. There is always a chance you might grow a little when they least expect it, or better yet, a sibling might toss a helpful shoe or toy close enough to use it for leverage.

2. Crawl beneath the radar.
No matter what anybody says, it’s worth exploring under the hotel beds. Do this when your parents least expect it for the greatest success.

3. Eat the sand.
I’m telling you, you’ve got to eat the sand.

4. Go to the bathroom.
Hotel bathrooms can be lots of fun if you play your cards right. See if you can find the hairdryer.

5. Bring a truck.
You can roll it back and forth on the beach long enough to convince your big people that you won’t eat the sand. (Then eat the sand.)

6. Stay up late.
There’s no way to party like piling on the hotel bed with your family, pulling your big people’s hair, leaving cracker crumbs in their bed, and dozing off during a movie. Just promise them you’ll sleep extra soundly once you finally get tucked into that hotel portacrib. Repeat as necessary.

Thank you for your insightful post, Theo. We can’t wait to see what you glean from our next adventure together. This post is part of Photo Friday at DeliciousBaby.com – hop over there for more photos and inspiration for your family’s travels.

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