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drive-thru tree
Once upon a summer family road trip: Making our way through the Chandelier “drive-thru” tree at Leggett, California.

Happy summer! I hope you have some great adventures with your little ones lined up in the weeks ahead, not to mention a little down time for you waiting in the wings. 😀

Before I take my summer break from this blog—a little earlier than usual because I’ll be channeling all my Travels with Baby blogging energy into completing the NEW TRAVELSWITHBABY.COM site(!)—I wanted to leave you with a “super roundup” of links to tips and resources you may find helpful in your upcoming summer travels.

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On the web: If you’ll be staying in the home of friends or family members this summer, you may find it very helpful to rent some key baby gear items for your stay. See listings at your destination in the Worldwide Directory of Baby Gear Rental Agencies. Other posts and pages you may find helpful:

Excerpt: Staying Safe (and Sane) with Friends and Family

Tips to Keep Kids Safe From Accidental Ingestion of Medications During Travel

Products for temporary childproofing during travel

In the guidebook: There’s much more on the topic of “staying safe and sane with friends and family” in Travels with Baby, and you may also find Chapter 5: Preparing for Changes (in sleeping, napping, eating routines, and more) helpful before landing with your baby or toddler in someone else’s home, and the Childproofing On the Go section can be especially helpful for these trips.



On the web: In case you missed the previous post, you’ll find a good roundup of family camping tips in Before You Go: Tips for Camping with Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers.

In the guidebook: In addition to the Travels with Baby tips on planning and packing for family camping trips in Deciding Where to Go, you might also find the sections on Back-country Camping with Babies and Toddlers, Managing Mosquitoes, and Top Things You Should Know About Ticks.


On the web: Here are some of my most popular posts about beach vacations with babies and toddlers.

Tips for Planning Great Beach Vacations with Babies and Toddlers

Pack This! Easy-packing Swim Vest for Toddlers and Little Kids

The Best Baby and Toddler Swimsuits for the Beach

Kauai’s Best Beach for Babies and Toddlers

How to Find Maui’s North Shore Baby Beach–When You Need it Most

Pack This! Pop-up Sun Tent for Family Vacations in Hawaii, Thailand, Mexico, Santa Cruz…

In the guidebook: See Travels with Baby‘s Chapter 2: Deciding Where to Go for family beach vacation advice, and if you’re still in the decision-making stages, you might find Chapter 3: Deciding Where to Stay very helpful as it includes recommendations of the Best Hotels & Resorts for Young Families, Best All-Suite Hotels for Young Families, and the Best All-Inclusive Resorts with Kids Under 5.



On the web: Here are some of the most popular posts on family road trips with babies, toddlers, and young children.

Tips for Changing Diapers on Road Trips with Baby

Three Easy Ways to Help Keep Baby Happy in the Back Seat

Carsickness: Ten things you’ll be glad you have in the car just in case…

Carsickness: Three humble tips to help prevent carsickness on your next family road trip

Checklist: Road Trip Emergency Checklist

Three favorite family pit stops for road trips in crummy weather

Five easy ways to “green” your next family road trip

Five ways my Take-Along Travels with Baby will help on our next family road trip (and might help yours too!)

Family Road Trip Pit Stops: Think outside the car seat

How a penguin saved my sanity on a 1730-mile road trip with 2 toddlers

In the guidebook: In Travels with Baby Part 4: Travels by Automobile, you’ll find tips and advice on everything from Pacing Your Journey, Packing for a Comfortable Road Trip, Dealing with Diapers and Dining on the road, the Carsickness Survival Guide, and tips and advice for those considering Renting an RV or Campervan for a family road trip.



On the web: If you’ll be flying with a baby or toddler, you’ll find many tips from dealing with car seats on airplanes and keeping toddlers from kicking the forward seat to preparing bottles and excess liquids for carry-on indexed on the Flying with Babies and Toddlers advice page.

In the guidebook:  Travels with Baby Part 5: Travels by Airplane guides you through every step of the process, from choosing the best flight and airline (see the Airlines Comparison Table) to planning your in-flight entertainment for your child and deciding what to check or gate check. For overseas travelers, you’ll also find important advice about using airplane bassinets, using car seats with foreign carriers, and other need-to-know details. Not to be missed: tips for changing diapers at 35,000 feet with or without a changing table in the lavatory. If you have questions about flying with your baby or young children, you’ll find the answers in the 87 pages of this section!


In the guidebook: You’ll find tips and recommendations for travel by Amtrak, VIA Rail, European rail lines, and scenic train routes across the U.S. in Part 6 of Travels with Baby. and Part 7 shares all the ins and outs of planning, choosing, packing for, and enjoying your family cruise vacation–and includes the very helpful Cruise Line Comparison Chart with easy reference to cruise lines offering kids camps and childcare by ages and stages.   

Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli, author of the award-winning Travels with Baby guidebooks

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