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Hi Shelly,

My name is Alexandra, I am planning to travel to Paris in July, so I will need a lightweight stroller. My baby will be 8 months by then. In the meantime I have a Bugaboo Chameleon which is breaking my back (so heavy and difficult to handle when you have a C-section!) and I have a Peg Perego carseat.

I saw the Peg Perego Vela at Babies R Us and found it really smooth and convenient, also liked that it is car seat compatible. The only thing I was not sure about was the folding measurements, Maclaren Quest folds smaller and easier… Do you have any feedback for the Peg Perego Vela?

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I’ve been considering the Peg Perego Vela for my list of recommended lightweight travel strollers, but I haven’t decided yet (if any of you have experience with it and want to share your opinions please post below). That it only weighs 10 lbs., has larger rolling wheels which help a lot on bumpy terrain, AND is compatible with a very popular infant car seat are definitely in its favor. I also like the large, accessible storage basket and child’s tray—two things you don’t often get with a lightweight travel stroller.

However, when it comes specifically to taking the Paris Metro with its many stairs and generally getting around the city with a stroller—during which time you probably won’t have any use for the car seat—this may not be your best bet. To answer your question, the Vela folds to 39” x 23” x 12” deep, whereas the Maclaren Triumph (weighing 1 lb. more) folds to 10” x 10” x 41” and includes a shoulder carrying strap, making it a much easier package to wear through turnstiles and tote up and down stairs as needed, while keeping your hands free for tickets and/or baby.

Some other lightweight travel strollers with shoulder carrying straps: Combi Savvy (and other lightweight Combi travel strollers), UPPAbaby G-luxe. We did well in Paris with a Combi Savvy ourselves, in spite of the small wheels (also like the Triumph with rubber wheels). With the exception of the Savvy, which I was sometimes able to insert our infant car seat into with the stroller seat fully reclined, most of these strollers aren’t made to carry infant car seats. The lightweight Combi Flare, however, can be used with the Shuttle car seat.

If you really like the modern / streamlined design and want the flexibility of snapping that car seat in sometimes, you might also consider cashing in your Bugaboo and going with the Quinny Zapp, the most compact folding stroller I know. You could actually buy this whole travel systm / bundle, including the compatible Maxi-Cosi car seat , with what you might get for resale on the Bugaboo (and still have money left over for pan au chocolat).

What about the rest of you? Have you seen Paris by stroller? Share a comment below!

BTW, that’s mon homm pictured in Paris with our babe in the Combi Savvy—which he swears is still his favorite of the travel strollers we’ve tried.

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