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Ask Shelly: Using a SIDS-prevention monitor with baby travel beds?

by Shelly Rivoli
The classic Peapod travel bed — useful indoors and out.

Hi Shelly!

We have an 8 month old infant and we plan to rent a house and there will be no crib there.  I was wondering about the safety of the mesh type travel beds such as the Kidco Peapod or the Phil & Teds version.

My question pertains to SIDS specifically.  At home we use a tradtional video monitor in addition to a sensor type monitor under the mattress that will sound an alarm if baby stops breathing for 20 seconds.  While I of course realize that this device will not prevent SIDS, I am a firm believer in that if we are notified we stand a chance to save our baby rather than find him hours later with no chance.

Somehow I would like to be able to use this type of monitor while he is still under a year old.  Do you have any experience/thoughts regarding this type of issue?

Thanks much,

I have not used a motion-sensing monitor (like the Bebesounds from Angelcare), so if any of the parents reading this have used a motion-sensing monitor while traveling with your babies, please add your two cents in the comments below.

Because of the power cord coming out from the side, I don’t think the the monitor would be compatible for use in a regular Pack ‘n Play type travel bed that is raised up from the floor on feet, and where the cord would have to go up the side—in baby’s reach (not good!). The Peapod (I was just using ours again 2 weeks ago!), the Phil & Ted’s Full-Size Travel Bed, or the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light might work better in this case since the mattresses actually sit on the floor, so I would think you could place the sensors beneath them easily and keep all wires/electronics out of reach outside of the travel bed.

Additionally, the Phil & Ted Travel Crib and Peapod each have a zipped side panel, which would allow you to route the sensor more directly under your baby if you desired, then zip the side panel closed right up to the cord.

Another option you might prefer is to rent a full-size, traditional crib at your destination (it will likely cost less than the Phil & Ted Travel Crib, but you won’t get to keep it!). You can check the Worldwide Directory of Baby Gear Rentals for an agency where you’ll be vacationing. More details (including pros & cons) on these and other baby travel beds here.

Safe journey,

Shelly Rivoli, author of the award-winning guidebook Travels with Baby
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Leroy Stebbing May 19, 2010 - 8:28 pm

I am a father of seven children and grandfather of twenty-one. I am a 73 year-old mechanical engineer and successful inventor.
Like most parents, I have always had concerns about SIDS.
After reading the recent news stories about the 73% reduction in SIDS if there was a fan in the room, I wondered how this could be. It occurred to me that we exhale carbon dioxide as we breath. Carbon dioxide is much heavier that air.
If the baby is placed in a basin-shaped bassinet or a crib with bumper pads or even blankets that can form a depression, there is a possibility that the "basin" can fill with carbon dioxide gas, much like water. Eventually the sleeping infant can drown in this deepening pool of gas.
Oxygen in this pool is depleted, while, simultaneously, the toxicity level of the carbon dioxide is increasing
If the baby is on its back, than the pool has to get much deeper before it can become a problem.
A room fan can perhaps stir enough air to disrupt this gas pool, if it is properly located.
I believe a better approach would be to place a very small fan directly on the crib or bassinet.
I invented a special mini-fan for this purpose.
It is here: http://www.Infantaire.com, if anyone is interested.

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