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I am traveling to the U.K. and France with my 3 year old. For a teeny portion of our 3 weeks trip to Europe (for 3 days only), we will be renting a car to drive from Edinburgh to the Highlands.

I really do not want to lug his car seat on multiple airline and train rides when we only need it for 3 days! We have a CARES harness for the plane – which is much more comfortable for him that being squished in his car seat for a long flight. So, how can I just rent a safe one for the 3 days of car travel??

–Mickeypinc, U.S.

Thanks for your question!

You might simply be able to rent a suitable car seat for your child’s age & size directly from the car rental agency. However this does not always work out as well as it should.

Not all car rental companies will guarantee a car seat or safety will be there when you arrive. It might also show signs of wear or damage or be filthy (see more tales of car rental car seat woe in Travels with Baby).

Yet if they can guarantee a suitable seat, that may be the simplest way to go. Otherwise, you can find baby gear rentals in Scotland listed in the Worldwide Directory of Baby Gear Rental Agencies.

As specialists in baby equipment with businesses built on making parents happy, you’re much more likely to have a suitable, safe, and clean car seat for your child for the 3 days.

Another important consideration: When traveling abroad, renting a car seat at your location is also the best way to make sure the car seat will meet whatever local safety testing & standards there are for seats (these can vary by country) and will work with the other child safety features (rigid LATCH, rear-facing tether, etc.) in local cars and required by local laws.

Hope this helps and have a fabulous trip!

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