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DEET-free insect repllent wipes
DEET-free, effective mosquito repellent that won't leak in the suitcase.

This question was recently posted to the Travels with Baby facebook page by Maggie:

Hi Shelly! In a few weeks, my husband and I are off to Fiji with our one year old. Do you have any recommendations for insect repellant for the little one? I’ve found some wipes which seem like a better bet than a spray for applying on squirmy toddlers, but was wondering if you had any favorites. Thanks!

Some of you may remember these as a Pack This! feature last year, but since this question popped up just as I was recommending these to a friend traveling to Indonesia and thinking I’d better get some for our own travels next month – not to mention camping season is around the corner – I figured it’s as timely as ever!

I’ve had great success with these Buzz Away Extreme DEET-free insect repellent wipes (or towelettes) for our whole family. I’ve found the individually wrapped wipes indispensible for travel, and love having no heavy liquids to pack or leak in the suitcase. The wipes also make it easy to apply to babies and toddlers (even on their peach-fuzz heads) without risking any spray getting into their eyes or lungs.

Better still, you can always keep several extras in your daypack to have on hand when you may not expect to need them – but suddenly do!

At home, I also keep the spray handy for spritzing our hiking shoes and pant legs (and sometimes hats) to help discourage ticks as we head off into the hills.

Do you have a favorite insect repellent for your children?

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