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How many baby products can you still use when your child's in 5th grade?

There is so much great stuff going on this month – three things I’m particularly passionate about: National Poetry Month, Earth Day, and the new Screen-Free Week (okay, some might settle for a day!) – and I’m going to embrace them all in this blog through the next few weeks. Giddyap!

To kick it all off, I’m going to feature Pack This! recommendations that can help you travel greener with your baby, toddler, and young children, starting with:

Fresh N Freeze reusable (not just for) baby food containers

There are numerous reusable baby food storage and snack containers on the market, and virtually any of them will help you cut down on the number of baby food jars and tubs, and plastic snack and sandwich bags going into garbage cans as you travel. Here’s why you might move these in particular, available in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes, to the top of your list:

Best features: Screw tops prevent accidental “popping off” during travel and BPA-free plastic makes these food storage containers microwave friendly and worry-free.

Air travel: You may start with the 2 oz containers for baby foods and applesauce in nice travel-size containers, which you can even store in your TSA-approved zip-top bag for liquids if you want to keep things simple for your flight (or see tips for flying with baby food and bottles here). To defrost or warm during travel, just place one in a cup of hot water from your flight attendant. The snap-to tray also helps during feeding, and provides a sanitary alternative to the airplane tray when you need to rest your spoon or other items for baby.

Beach and camping trips: Both sizes work well for bringing along your homemade baby food in insulated packs for a day’s worth of travel, or freeze those needed for the next few days to help keep foods even fresher in your ice chest on camping trips.

Reusable food containers lock onto the tray for storage and travel convenience
Locked in place place on the handy tray and filled with your child's favorites, these make the perfect “moveable feast” for toddlers and older children.

Road trips: The large 4 oz  size is is ideal for keeping healthy snacks ready to go on the road for toddlers and preschoolers (yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, nuts, crackers….) and snapped into the tray on your child’s lap or travel tray, they present the perfect “moveable feast” for toddlers and older children.

Longevity: Watch as baby food gives way to finger foods, then toddler snacks take over. Packing lunches for daycare? Preschool? Chances are you’ll still be using both sizes in your child’s lunch box many years from now. I ask you, how many baby products will you still be using when your child reaches 5th grade?

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