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Vacation Nanny 411: All about FDR Resorts’ ultimate all-inclusive inclusion for families

As I mention in my review of Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, what is particularly appealing about Franklyn D. Resort & Spa (a.k.a. FDR) in Jamaica is that the “all-inclusive inclusions” include a Vacation Nanny assigned exclusively to your family to assist you each day of your stay (and after hours by request).

Compared with other family resorts that may offer drop-off childcare or private babysitters, at FDR you and your children (including infants and toddlers who are often excluded from kid’ camps) have a chance to become familiar with your personal nanny from the start. So even those children who are slow to warm up to new caregivers and surroundings have a chance to adapt, even while you are all together.

One couple that was visiting the resort from Kentucky with their 5-year-old twin boys, told me that the previous night they’d had their first date in 5 years—at home or away—thanks to their Vacation Nanny (Phyllis).

They explained that, unlike other babysitters they’d passed up over the years, she was able to make them all feel comfortable with the idea.

The intimate resort setting and evening children’s activities she could escort them to (including nightly popcorn and a kids’ movie), didn’t hurt anything either. Suffice to say, they had several more dates before they checked out, and they plan to return to the resort.

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I, myself, was surprised by how quickly our Vacation Nannies, Coretta and Jasmine, fit in with our family. Within 24 hours, I found myself handing off the baby for a diaper change and a stroll without a second thought (his first time with anyone outside of the family).

It was quite clear to me that these women, who have assisted family after family with children of every temperament, have far more experience caring for children than I do (not to mention they are also mothers, themselves).

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Of course, they are also professionally trained, CPR-certified, and lots and lots of fun, too.

FDR Vacation Nannies at a glance:

  • Daily “vacation support” from 9:00 a.m. to 4:40 p.m.
  • Available extra hours as requested, $6 per hour
  • Second nanny available, $20 per day

What we really came to appreciate about the Vacation Nanny concept is that it is so much more than just having a babysitter at an appointed hour.

She provides “vacation support” as needed the whole day through, whether it’s times when the whole family is together or while the parents enjoy time alone. She’s that extra set of hands, as well as watchful eyes, that allow even a family with very young children feel like they’ve had a vacation.


By the end of our stay, it was clear to me that the FDR Vacation Nannies help families vacation better as families—something I think is particularly important.

Your time together with your child is more relaxed and enjoyable with the set of extra helping hands, and your time apart from your child is also more relaxed and enjoyable because you know your child is comfortable—and happy with—your family’s own Vacation Nanny. 

Think you could use a Vacation Nanny on your next vacation? 
Don’t miss the Travels with Baby Vacation Nanny video where you can meet the nannies and see them in action at Franklyn D. Resort & Spa.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about Franklyn D Resort at Tripadvisor 

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