The Kindle edition has landed!!! iPhone, Blackberry, Android, get ready…

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If you use a Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, PC, Android device or Kindle when you travel, your next trip with your little one just got a whole lot easier.

Take-Along Travels with Baby – the new companion to the ultimate planning guide – has just become available in a Kindle edition with apps for your favorite devices.

Be road-trip ready!
Picture this: You are on a winding road with your baby who suddenly begins to cry, and you’ve got 4 hours of driving ahead to reach your destination. You pull up the TOC for Take-Along Travels with Baby and jump to your “Tips for a Happier Backseat Baby” and see a list of ideas that may help you make it there without ear plugs or killing each other.

While you’re at it, you jump to the lyrics of “Easy Songs to Sing in the Car” to help pass the time until you can pull over for a pit stop.

What, it’s raining and cold outside? You know I wouldn’t send you out on a family road trip without a list of “Best Bet Rainy Day Road Stops.”

Cranky toddler on an airplane? Fussy baby in a restaurant? Sick kid in a faraway country? Yep, this one’s got you covered there, too. (See the whole TOC here.)

Your best deal on the book?
And for those of you who prefer to have the pocket-size paper edition (with room for your child’s travel doodles!), don’t miss the special publisher’s discounted price available through Amazon with free SuperSaver shipping, when you buy from Travels with Baby Books.

Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli
Author of Travels with Baby and the new Take-Along Travels with Baby
 https://travelswithbaby.com/ Travels with Baby on Facebook

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