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Best strollers for travel?


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Car seat alternatives for travel?

Baby B'Air flight safety vest for air travel with lap-held infants and toddlers











Table of Contents for

Take-Along Travels with Baby


take along travels with baby book cover


Hundreds of Tips to Help During Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments, vii
How to Get the Most from This Book, viii

On the Go, 11

Air Travel, 12
     Pre-Flight Checklist, 13
     Airport Security Ready List, 15
     Preparing Liquids for Carry-On, 17
     What to Double Check at Check-In, 19
     What to Ask at the Gate, 19
     When and Why to Gate-Check Gear, 20
     Getting Your Car Seat to the Gate, 21
     Installing Car Seats on Airplanes, 23
     Ear Pressure, Pain, and Relief, 24
     Breastfeeding on Airplanes, 25
     Soothing Fussy Babies on Airplanes, 27
     Managing Toddlers on Airplanes, 28
     Helping Children Sleep on Airplanes, 31

Driving & Road Trips, 33
     Tips for a Happier Backseat Baby, 34
     Quality Car Time with Young Kids, 36
     Favorite Fair-Weather Road Stops, 37
     How to Make the Most of Road Stops, 38
     Best-Bet Rainy Day Road Stops, 38
     Adjusting a Rental Car Seat, 39
     Car Seat Installation Tips, 40
     Locating LATCH Anchors, 41
     Where to Anchor the Tether, 41
     Types of Seatbelts You May Encounter, 42
     How and When to Use a Locking Clip, 44
     Combating Carsickness, 46

Changing Diapers on the Go, 48
     Changing Diapers on Airplanes, 49
     The “Standing Quick Change,” 50
     Tips for Travel with Potty Trainees, 51

Entertainment to Go, 53
     Games for Family Car Trips, 54
     Easy Songs to Sing in the Car, 55
     Entertaining Tots in the Airport, 61
     Entertaining Toddlers on Airplanes, 63
     Creating Origami Hats from Napkins, 65
     Travel Crafts for Preschoolers, 67
     Travel Sketches, 69

While You’re There, 75

At Your Accommodations, 76

     Checking-In Safety Checklist, 77
     Sleeping in New Surroundings, 81
     Co-Sleeping for Non-Co-Sleepers, 82
     Conquering Jetlag, 83
     Romance Revival Tips for Parents, 84
     Hiring a Local Babysitter, 86
     Checking-Out Checklist, 87

Eating & Feeding, 89
     Breastfeeding on the Go, 90
     Dining Out with Babies, 91
     Dining Out with Toddlers, 92
     Easy Breakfasts for the Hotel Room, 95
     Food and Water Safety Tips, 96

Health & Medical Help, 99
     Finding a Local Doctor or Dentist, 100
     Help for Common Ailments, 101
     A Traveler’s Guide to Ear Infections, 106
     Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions, 110
     Breastfeeding Resources, 113

Staying Abroad, 115
     "Babytalk" in Four Languages, 117
     Temperatures: Celsius & Fahrenheit, 120
     Child Weights: Lbs. & Kgs., 120
     Child Heights: Inches & Centimeters, 121

Our Family’s Travels, 123

Our Trip Notes, 124
     Trip 1 destination: 125
     Trip 2 destination: 128
     Trip 3 destination: 131
     Trip 4 destination: 134
     Trip 5 destination: 137

In Case of Emergency, 140
     International Emergency Phone Numbers, 140
     Insurance and Medical Contacts, 141
     Emergency Contacts, 143

Helpful Details for Our Family, 145

Index, 149
About the Author, 153

 - NAPPA Rising Star Award Winner -

- Finalist in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards -


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