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Travel with your NOOK as well as with your little one?

Now you can keep hundreds of tips at your fingertips with the digital edition for your device. Boredom busters, sanity-savers, safety checklists, and then some. Here’s a blurb from ForeWord Magazine, which selected the book for a featured review in the annual travel edition:

Praise for Take-Along Travels with Baby 
“Parents traveling with young children universally dread certain sounds: their baby screaming on an airplane, the chorus of “Are we there yet?” from preschoolers and the “uh oh…” from a potty training toddler that indicates an accident. Shelly Rivoli knows this from experience, and has created a companion volume to her award-winning Travels with Baby trip planning guide. In Take-Along Travels with Baby: Hundreds of Tips to Help During Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler (Travels with Baby Books, 978-0-9831227-0-8), Rivoli takes parents from the planning stage to the car, airplane, and hotel room. The expected suggestions for entertaining children are here, but there are also tips for getting through long lines quickly, installing rental car seats, hiring local babysitters, and more. Many parents will find this guide indispensable on their trips, and may even benefit from keeping it in the diaper bag to have handy next time they find themselves in backed up traffic or waiting to pick up the older kids from school.”
                                          — ForeWord Magazine 
Do you have your copy of Take-Along Travels with Baby yet?

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