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Temperament and Travel: Advice for Travel with the “Positive” Child

travel with positive child

The Positive child “sees the world” through rose-colored glasses.

Today we continue the bi-weekly advice series on “Temperament and Travel” with advice for travel with the “Positive” child.

Why on earth would anyone need advice about traveling with a “Positive” child?

After all, most destinations and activities are perfectly fine with this child, especially since it probably wouldn’t occur to her that she might not like taking a trip somewhere (unless a Negative sibling tries to plant the seed!). She goes along happily with most activities, expecting the best of your vacation plans, and trusting a good time will be had by all.

But while travel with the Positive child may sound like a walk in the park, you probably already know better than to put your parenting skills on autopilot with her. Here are a few situations to watch out for.

Advice for Travel with the Positive Child

Be very careful not to overlook her other dominant traits that may be obscured by her overly rosy outlook until reaching a crisis state. For example:

A Positive and Highly Sensitive child might be having too much fun at the arcade to realize he’s maxed-out his sensory threshold—until he suddenly reaches the breaking point.

A very Positive child who is also Low-Energy may run himself ragged before realizing he needs to slow down or stop and rest, which could mean you spend the rest of the afternoon resting in your room rather than hiking to the waterfall (unless you have a child carrier or backpack that can accommodate him (see recommended child carriers for travel).

A Positive child may also always assume the best about other people–including friendly strangers. Make sure to set clear ground rules about always checking with a parent or the designated caregiver before accepting treats or other offers from other adults no matter how friendly or kind they may seem.

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