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The "Little Robot's Mission" set of Tell Me a Story Cards.
The “Little Robot’s Mission” set of Tell Me a Story cards from eeBoo.

Have you ever noticed your child getting grumpy and more demanding after playing games on your phone or tablet for an extended period of time (AKA during travel)? While I know that it is possible to help keep a kid quiet through a 5+ hour flight with just movies and video games alone, I know there will also be consequences for doing so.

Here’s another screen-free favorite you can add to the mix for your in-flight entertainment or for your family’s next camping trip. The “Tell Me a Story” card sets from eeBoo help pre-readers put their imaginations to work by sequencing scenes from the deck in a story all their own.

The "Fairytale Mix-ups" set of Tell Me a Story cards
The “Fairytale Mix-ups” set of Tell Me a Story cards

You can also take turns with your child, each drawing a card from the deck and narrating what happens next, which can be fun when the scene is very unexpected! And on a personal note, I can say it wouldn’t hurt to keep a deck of Tell Me a Story cards in your purse or daypack on a regular basis to help pass time in restaurants, waiting rooms, and while waiting to pick up older siblings.

Each deck contains 36 story cards with a slide-tray storage box, and they are recommended for children 3 years and up. Some of the other Tell Me a Story sets include Mystery in the Forest, Animal Village, Fairytale Mix-ups, Volcano Island, and more. Click here to see all of the Tell Me a Story card sets, including a couple of Story Collection 3-packs, which include a bonus.

For more screen-free recommendations to help keep kids entertained during travel, see my post Five screen-free favorites to keep kids entertained during long flights, and my very poetic post with the Ode to a Travel Doodle Pro. As always, you’ll find more sanity-saving products for travel with babies, toddlers, and little kids in the Pack This! features you can browse through this link.

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