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Photo Fave: Hello, Maui – can you guess this beach?

by Shelly Rivoli
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Maui toddler sand
Maui toddler sand

Off of the airplane and into the sand. Quite literally.

What? This photo doesn’t show enough of the beach to guess? Come on, for some of you here that would have been WAY too easy. I’ll give you a hint though: You can be there in under ten minutes when leaving Maui’s Kahului Airport (provided you find it on the first try). One more hint: There are no signs to this beach.

Of course, the only hint you may need is that it’s the first place WE went after collecting our rental car. 😉

Got a guess? Leave a reply below (and no, you don’t have to fill in all those fields if you don’t feel like it). Have a favorite beach in Maui you think we should check out while we’re here? I want to hear from you!

Well, time for a hand of UNO. Jetlag seems to have left the building only one day in to this trip!

Safe journeys,

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