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Little Airport Sticker Activity books keeps travling toddlers and preschoolers busy For something small enough to fit in your back pocket, you’d be surprised how many hours of entertainment your child may actually get from this clever little book. Inside are 30 reusable stickers with airplanes ranging from small Cessnas to jumbo jets, plus a fuel truck, baggage truck, passengers, flight crew and more.  And unlike the other stickers you might pick up along the way, you won’t struggle to remove these from airplane tray tables or car windows.

The inside of the cover is the background for any number of scenes your toddler or preschooler may piece together while waiting in the airport or passing time on the plane. My only issue with the book is that the sticker pages, which are stapled in the center, must be pulled out in order to use the whole background at one time. Still for around $1.50, it’s a sanity-saver you’ll be happy to splurge on.

There are several other small sticker activity books available like this (see them here), so you  may want to choose a second to surprise your child for the return flight or drive, or stock up to use as needed for that overseas odyssey.

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