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The cloud b twilight turtle night light and stuffed animal
This stuffed animal doubles as a travel night light.

 I thought this Pack This! feature was a perfect companion to  our “March of the Animals” features  this month. Do you have a favorite night light for travel?

Not everything I pack for our family’s travels is travel-size. One exception is our Cloud b Twilight Constellation night light that has proven so useful at home, it has also accompanied us on overseas travel and camping trips in the tent.  

More than a stuffed animal, more than a night light, the turtle’s timed glow casts a pattern of stars and a crescent moon on the ceiling and wall as you tuck in your tot. Our routine is to turn on the turtle to illuminate either crib or travel bed, then look for the moon (I always change the angle to keep us guessing). Once we find it, we tuck in with a poem (often one from Travels with Baby pg. 68).

The light continues to illuminate strange hotel rooms, unfamiliar vacation rentals, or even the tent plenty long for us to get ourselves situated afterward (around 20 minutes). In case of a midnight waking (or feeding, or bad dream, etc.), it’s right there in the travel bed, ready to switch on for comfort – just like at home.

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