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Pack This! The roadtrip-ready Ciao! Baby portable high chair

The roadtrip-ready Ciao! Baby portable high chair weighs in at just 8 lbs. and packs into its own travel bag.

The roadtrip-ready Ciao! Baby portable high chair weighs in at just 8 lbs. and packs into its own travel bag.

Many are the travel dining boosters and hook-on high chair options today (see some of my favorites here), but what I like about the Ciao! Baby portable high chair is that it is completely free standing.

Why might this travel-worthy portable high chair be the one for you?

When staying with (a crowd of) relatives, you needn’t take an extra chair at the table for your baby’s dining booster, and you won’t have to worry about those hot potatoes and water goblets being within reach as they might be with a hook-on chair at the table’s edge.

When arriving at a roadside restaurant, you don’t have to wonder if they’ll have a high chair inside—or when was the last time they cleaned it—because, voila! You’ve brought your own.

In the campground, where a picnic table may be no match for a hook-on high chair, the Ciao! Baby high chair fits right in–and of course it makes a great extra camp chair for your baby as you gather around the evening fire. As you may have noticed, it’s made out of the same rugged outdoor cloth and sturdy framing as many grown-up camp chairs.

Over the shoulder and through the door, to Grandmother's house we come!

Over the shoulder and through the door, to Grandmother’s house we come!

More travel-worthy features:

The Ciao! Baby travel high chair has a wipe-clean vinyl tray with a built-in cup holder, plus a ready “skirt” with leg holes to help keep baby safely put while you buckle the waist belt (no slip-through risk here!). It weighs only 8 lbs., and what could be more convenient for road-tripping? It comes with its own travel bag and shoulder carrying strap.

Only downside as I see it:

While it offers many conveniences, be aware that the Ciao! Baby portable high chair does not have a raised edge around its tray to help prevent run- and roll-off. If you have a voracious self-feeder, you might want to add a travel tray such as the Star Kids Snack ‘n Play travel tray atop it during meal times (which can also be very useful with the car seat during drive time).

The specs:

The Ciao! Baby portable high chair is recommended for children 3 months up to 3 years, and stands 32 inches high when folded and in use.

Find it online at:

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